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@Emily Animus My ban appeal request was accepted but I am still unable to join Hogwarts RP? Am I missing something here? I've already waited 19 hours over an unjustified ban over having the name Natalie Anderson. I'm not sure what to do here.

for @Emily Animus

Unban this ID: STEAM_0:1:24779557

Seems like they forgot to unban you...
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I attached the image that is currently showing when I try to join.

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Due to it being recently accepted, it might take sometime to get it going. It shouldn't take much longer i'm guessing.
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I really like this server and had hoped that I found a place where I can feel welcome to the community and be happy to donate but I have no idea how these things could just happen especially when there seems to be a vetting process for moderators. First the kick then the ban then even after the ban appeal has been removed, I am still unable to join. These have the symptoms of a powertrip and/or severe negligence. I was having a good time but one bad apple can ruin the bunch and I think this is an apt description of what's happening here. If this can easily happen on this server then there seems to be some serious oversight happening.

I am friends with kimabi and I'll try to be as unbias as possible. I enjoyed the server deeply and I think you guys have a great thing going on but I think moderators should at least learn the rules and be taught to be friendly and forgiving before being given an important responsibility in the community. But maybe kimabi is just overreacting because all this had to happen on his birthday. Just my two cents.

You just need to be patient, I am sure Emily will unban you when possible or when she sees this post.
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I have a few questions here. How do you guys pick moderators? Does anyone could become one or there's a selection process, because from what I'm seeing here, Emily doesn't seem to know the rules really well and she has the ability to kick and ban players. Second of all, what's the point of the appeal process then? Doesn't the player gets UNBANED after the ban appeal gets processed? My friend was banned for 24 hours and he submitted his appeal right after the ban. But he waited for more than 15 hours after the submission of the appeal... So if this is how you guys run your server and pick you moderator, I think you guys are in serious trouble and I can hardly imagine myself playing on this server in the future.

Emily is literally halfway across the world, it takes a while. Normally after 11pm est is when she is active. Just be patient as she has to be the one to remove your ban.
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I am going to shoot Emily a message in Discord now as I am very close friends with her and get her to have a look at both this post, and lift the ban if she hasn't already. I'll get her to post on here when she has done it!
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