Trouble connecting

Im having trouble joining the server. Keeps disconnecting me everytime I try to connect to HogwartsRP. Doesnt happen to any other server

Any help with this

give up it's not worth it

Could you take a screenshot and show us what happpens when you try to connect? We might be able to help.
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Does it give you any message when it disconnects you? If nothing pops up then check console.
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[Image: ?imw=1024&imh=575&ima=fit&impolicy=Lette...erbox=true]this pops up only on the hogwarts server

(05-01-2020, 07:18 PM)ybn molly Wrote: [Image: ?imw=1024&imh=575&ima=fit&impolicy=Lette...erbox=true]this pops up only on the hogwarts server
Re-install Gmod.
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