my ban appeal

so an admin day banned me for failed snatching but my question is how is that a failed snatching I mean he was a seventh year teacher he was typing and there was no one around so i snatch him how is that failed snatching and the admin steam id is STEAM_0:1:70003031

i just want to know how is that failed snatching he didn't even explain why it was failed snatching

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Aside being in the wrong section for this,

You cant snatch teachers as a snatcher my guy
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Make a ban appeal for HWRP.

Ez does it
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Cant snatch professors my dude. In place so that classes actually have a professor, and for other reasons
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cant snatch teachers

here is the list of the customs telling you what customs you can snatch and whatnot
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So to clarify your situation.

Teachers regardless of their year-length, are not able to be snatched. The only job categories that snatchers can snatch are Students, Prefects, and Aurors. You can usually tell by the color of their name as a guide to know. Like if it's orange, they are most likely a teacher and cannot be snatched. If there are jobs (Such as custom jobs) that you are not sure that can be snatched, consult a staff member. 

Snatching a teacher is Fail-RP and a violation of the Snatcher rules. I'd recommend making a Ban Appeal if you are looking to possibly get unbanned.
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