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I made a ban appeal and it got accepted to like 4 weeks I think but I just now checked and my ban is not updated at all. It's already been like a week I basically have like 3 weeks left of my ban

my steam Id is :STEAM_0:1:123327063
my previous post which got appealed is:

and yea as someone that's studying the layout of the map for a project every day does count.

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You might want to message him on steam or discord. If you join the SBS' discord, or HogwartsRP one, you'll find him under the moderator role. He was most likely busy with something and forgot to reduce your ban.

Also, OP posted the thread in the wrong section
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Hmmm I could've sworn I had reduced yours with the other person who was appealing at that time. My bad, don't worry, all time passed will be taken off the 4 weeks.
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