keep failing to load in to the Hogwarts server

Every time I try to load in I get the reconnecting in 500 sec and in the console I get multiple errors and things like 

 ---Missing Vgui material HUD/crosshairs/hlr_stool_commander_crosshair2

--- Missing Vgui material HUD/crosshairs/hlr_stool_commander_crosshair1

 Any advice will be helpful!

Maybe something didn't download correctly?
I'm not a master but it looks like you don't have some addons correctly downloaded so try to delete everything (from the server of course, don't uninstall gmod lmao) and then re-install all the addons (re-join the server basically).

I told you I'm not so sure about it so I may be saying bullshit. Try to ask someone else first. :Thinking:

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