Lloyd Blankfein Mod Application

You are the king of being childish and toxic..

Since 1st time we had some beef you've been trying to provoke me so you can get me in trouble.
I had drama with admins cause you put a video of you "randomly" coming up to me to chat.. 
even tho i clearly stated i don't ever wanna hear see your toxic face.I even told that to the staff.
...sooo if that isn't a good example i don't know what is.
If that is future staff member behaviour...ufff we dropped our standards.


I've known we had beef before.And that is between me and you..but people atleast need to know the truth of how toxic you can be.

Gl on the appeal swagman

Same respond as on your last appeal
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Am I the only who is kinda enjoining this and finds it interesting to read this

Sorry -1 reasons stated above but one good thing you made me laugh because of all the reactions under this post voldetongue

Hey Lloyd, I don't have much experience with you as a person and I believe only have spoken to you once which was to my memory pleasant. I don't have the experiences shown here in your application which shows me you might be able to grow and get out of the mindset you've had previously.

This however cannot be done overnight and will take some time before the community can see you grow and change, so long as you take the feedback on your application and apply it on the server i'm sure you'll gain the trust back from some of the individuals on this thread. However for now I will have to -1 this application. I hope to see improvements from you and continue to work on yourself to become someone the community can trust.



-1 fella
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You are toxic, mingey, and just annoying. You aren't a good fit for staff at all, and why the hell are you bringing up a single mom and her kids for? The fuck?
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(05-22-2020, 08:34 AM)San Mercy Wrote:


-1 fella

I don't really know you but if you want to become staff you really shouldn't go 200% creep. So -1 that is more than questionable behaviour and definitely not how a staff member should behave.
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(05-22-2020, 08:34 AM)San Mercy Wrote:


-1 fella

A big -1 not now, not ever, will you ever be a good fit for staff with what you pull.
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Application Locked

User is baneneded
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