[Siggestion] - Allow Dark creatures in DADA for instructional lessons.

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Give permission on a approved request from Moderation to allow creatures of the dark forest in Defense Against The Dark Arts (DADA) for teaching / practical lessons.

The creatures on approval have to remain passive and unable to fight/attack students despite if they attack them back. If they have a swep to show-off that doesn't kill they can on permission from the professor/teacher (Eg: Dementors kiss - though the dementor cannot kill so to allow students to 'win').

Aka allow:

(3) What made you feel that this change was necessary or would make a great addition? - 
This will enable professors to have a greater establishment of creatures to showcase in DADA and how to defeat them. As an example, if a moderator approves the lesson on vampires having someone with access to the Vampire job able to showcase their transformation for a greater understanding/instructional lesson.

(4) What could be possible negatives if your suggestion were to be added? -
Creatures walking into classes without moderator approval. This can be solved similar to unprompted field trips. RDM of students? (Can be remedied by only allowing trusted people on the creature job).

(5) How will it work? -
Make a request in '@' chat, eg "@Can I have an erkling participate in DADA for a lesson". Wait for a moderator to approve the lesson and take the creature, or get the creature TP'd. If denied then like a field trip, it's denied.

I think it's a good idea, it might also help grab the students attention and would be nice to add something new to the same old classes
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+1 this would be pretty frickin cool

I don’t see why this could be an issue other than ARDM from the creatures but staff could handle that
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+1 Providing the rules are followed and a staff aproves i think this could be great

With having to be approved by staff I see no issues with that and could bring a little bit of variety if someone wants to use it.

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I thought this was already a thing- if advertised via OP by the DADA professor that they were going to have a special lesson with that guest, that gives whatever creature it is temporary permission to be in the class. I've done this loads of times in the past and never ran into any issues. I know the rule is written so that werewolves could transform for demonstration purposes, but that's more of a guideline/for-instance, is it not?

I guess the suggestion is two-fold then.

1. make it so that the DADA and Wizardry (everyone seems to forget that Lupin did the dementor lesson for Expecto Patronum) professors can allow the wild neutrals  into class for demonstration purposes when invited
2. make it so the dark creatures can go past the boundaries into class for demonstration purposes when invited

As someone on the Vampire WL I've never ran into issues getting to the classroom when invited via OP to such a lesson, but i can see how trolls/giants/erklings without an escort could cause a commotion.

I don't think this needs to be made into a staff permission thing since we've had no problems with it already. Maybe to help protect against RDM on the creatures? I know the Dementor lessons usually has some Hogwarts Horcrux (for some reason it's always them) interrupting/ruining it by deletruising the dementor mid-class.
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This would be really cool and not even just that possibly let some custom df animagus into the class (with permission Ofc) and only there animagus
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Yeah, I think it's a pretty good idea. I don't know why professors aren't allowed to have creatures in the classroom anyway. We already know from the books that Hogwarts professors regularly bring magical creatures into the classroom for educational purposes.

If we have to be strict about it, we can certainly have staff supervise such lessons.

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(05-22-2020, 10:47 AM)Garbo Wrote: +1 this would be pretty frickin cool

I don’t see why this could be an issue other than ARDM from the creatures but staff could handle that


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+1 having more freedom when teaching DADA would be awesome.
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