Millsy Mlinaric mod application

Nothing bad to say here about Millsy. Have seen her be helpful to other players, sometimes she and I are answering or addressing player concerns at the same time. As she is a former mod she'll likely be considered above others.

concerns over activity but that's about it.
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(05-22-2020, 08:44 PM)◽ Etlenor ◾ Wrote: I wouldn't mind seeing you around as a moderator again. The only problem I have is that I don't really see you play as any RP leadership roles or prefecting. I understand that you don't use your microphone and you used to be a staff member, but I don't think it's fair for someone who is applying to not prefect or reinforce the rules as much as others are doing and that interested in the staff team. But it might be me who hasn't been around you enough to see that.
Besides all of that, you're a very friendly and approachable person, and I've never had any issues with you in the past. Until I see you prefecting and reinforcing the rules, I'll stay Neutral.

I agree with Etlenor.

I also have not seen you in any RP leadership roles. I did see you a couple of times, but if I'm being honest never really got an expression about the type of person you are. Maybe it's a timezone problem or I'm not looking hard enough. That's where I'm going to look at in the next couple of days.

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Ohhhh noey no Millsy 

was a great mod back in the day, she’s helpful , dedicated, always willing to help and support others, she’s fair and not biased  to others
Would love to see her as a mod again 

Best of luck Millsy 

HUGE +1 

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+1 she is helpful and friendly
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You are clear in your communications despite not using a mic, you know the rules and were a good staff member before.
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Aye mills, wasn't expecting you to apply at all to be fully honest with you, every time I see you on the server you're constantly prefecting and reinforcing the rules within Hogwarts, I haven't seen you in any drama, pretty approachable, very active and I think you deserve another shot at staff.

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Just don't leave again plz


Gl on the app
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Lydia and Konrad took the words right out of my mouth! Best of luck to you Millsy!!

I remember you as staff, you were pretty good and I see no reason you shouldn't come back.

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Congratulations you have been accepted as a trial moderator! please contact me ASAP regarding your new position.

Thread Locked.
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