Nick Greengrass's Moderator Application

+1 was a good mod when he was modding at the time. Wouldn’t mind seeing him back on the staff team 
Barry blackwater bb x Harrygasm
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From what I could see, Nick is a decent guy, knows the rules, and is capable of enforcing them. I won't mind him getting a trial to see if he is again(I believe he was staff before) fit to be staff. Good luck with your application.

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Keeps on asking for guns, won't stop asking even when killed repeatedly with shots to the head. Numerous times had fail Rp name "Nick Curze" (sounds like Ni**ers) has a huge boner for the illegal custom jobs trade.

Thus, my vote will be
No vote

Jk +1
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Moderator June 3d 18
Admin August 19th 18 - January 2nd 19
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-1 I'm sorry but as you know Nick I don't trust you anymore and I'm worried about what could happen if you got staff now. ronscared
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I have seen you around a lot! you always report stuff and you are always on a job that can prefect! Keep up the good work Nick!! <3

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