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(05-23-2020, 04:57 PM)Jack / Josh Wrote: Dusk, you know the basics on the server, you follow the rules, you help both new and regular players and you're active which is good. I have full confidence in Dusk to be a Moderator My only concern is that you can get annoyed quite easily and can take some things personal.

It's going to be a Neutral from me.

Good Luck with your Application, Dusk!

The things that annoy me are when people use RP as an excuse for treating people badly and/or when staff handle an RP scenario incorrectly and then yell at the players. I know the rules. I know the lore. The only way issues can be fixed is when they're addressed.

Requesting the thread to be locked. The Applicant has responded to a comment after 12 hours.

"An applicant may only comment on their own staff application if they follow the guidelines listed below by Albert within 12 hours of the most recent post. Doing otherwise will result in the application being denied and the applicant being unable to reapply for a week unless told otherwise. (bumping)"

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