A small death eater change

Lmao absolutely not. Why would they be let anywhere near the school? They're Death Eaters. They are highly dangerous wanted criminals who pose a huge threat to Wizarding society. I just don't see any reason they should be at Hogwarts except to attack it, and they do so during Lockdown. There is no RP reason that the Ministry would ever regularly march them around the school in cuffs. Maybe for an event but that would be an event suggestion that would simply end in a Lockdown situation.

I just don't see this being accepted. I know most Dark Force jobs are limited in where they can go and that's boring but there are alternatives if you want to be a Dark Force wandering the school.

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(05-23-2020, 01:11 AM)I_Like_Coconuts Wrote: What if we had the death eater cuffed? This way we would know for sure that they can't break any rules and kill students. This would also allow the ministry forces to take care of it, no staff would be needed and it wouldn't have to be an event.

After 10 mins they would be released and could cause mayham. You don't have to pay money at all to be a df that's allowed at school. You can grind or just play as a snatcher or what for lockdowns or events. Idk why you are fixed on death eaters but it just wouldn't make sense to let them in.

A valid rp reason for death eaters to be escorted/guarded by ministry officials would be like community service. We see this a lot in the real world, so perhaps letting death eaters help the youth of Hogwarts at the school could help shorten their prison sentence. I don't see how this is far off, considering that azkaban escapees, werewolves (I know their LF but when have we ever seen werewolves besides Lupin allowed at school), and literal dragons roaming around. It doesn't make any sense, if your gonna say that its fail rp for an unarmed deatheater to go into the school under ministry forces, at least make other roles have proper reasons for being in the school.

Aren't you the guy that kept sneaking into the school as a death eater?

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@Cauliflower Mcguffins

I see I've become quite popular lmao, figured I'd give forums a shot. Didn't work too well lol

Death eaters are to be feared and always kill/apprehend on sight. Not sure why you still have this obsession. Your suggestion steers the server into a realm of sillyness that I think even the most non-serious among us would think is bad. if you want to do something like this, ask a gm, I've seen Ryte strip death eaters and give them brooms to sweep the school before after being apprehended, but that is under gm supervision, so maybe look into that.
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ayo this kinda funny bro +1 very good suggestion

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Really bad idea my dude. First of all, it doesn't make sense, second of all, you also can't really disguise them, because they look like a ... death eater. 
The DADA idea could be an event idea as others said above, but isn't really needed since you have so many things to talk about and teach in dada.
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