Franklin Wilhelm Baritone

__Franklin Wilhelm Baritone__
"The Baritones are the most powerful family in all of Hogwarts. Whoever denies it will have their block knocked off, understand?" - Eugene Baritone

To those who don't know me, salutations and I hope you're having a wonderful morning/afternoon/night. To those who DO know me...guess I got some 'splanin to do, huh?

Who are you?: I am Frank Wilhelm Baritone. I'm a recent high school grad trying to find his place in the world. In person I look like the type of person who collects knives and always has at least two on my person.

What'd you do?: No much yet outside of supporting my family. When the apocalypse is over I plan on doing alot of charity work and contribute to society any way I can.

What'd you enjoy?: Play/Collect old video games and electronics. Meditate. Study religion/philosophy. Watch documentaries. Write amateur fanfics and short stories. Research lost media. Love old people smell.

Gee, that's a lot to dump on me. Can you just tell me something anecdotal?: I'm a very big fan of the Ape Escape franchise. Its underrated and deserves to be recognized more; especially after it spearheaded analog controls for console games.

Now to all the old players reading who still remember me...

My PC broke at the worst possible time. Through a variety of personal issues that I was struggling with for months, I wanted to do more soul searching. Understanding myself, my issues and what is best for me mentally and physically. Also my dad didn't need this computer anymore :I

To conclude: I'm grateful to be back and hope and I can make memories in a community I considered my home away from home. To pass the torch of my memories and knowledge for the people here who are probably TOO passionate about this place. Just like me.
wow thats really pathetic and cringe Frank LOL
Have a wonderful rest of your day

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The Baritones
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Frank Baritone, haven't heard that name in years... Welcome back!
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I'm happy to see a Baritone back :) Welcome back!
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Welcome back Frank! It's good to see old players coming back (:

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Welcome back :)
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I haven't seen you in forever! Welcome back dude! :)
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I remember back in those days, the baritone mafia was one of the most richest and dangerous families back in my day on the classic map. (2016) Rivaling the crowns.

Can't wait to start shutting down gang wars as the Ministry again
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Welcome back!
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Yessir! It's THEE Frank Baritone. Welcome back man it's been a minute.
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Spicy P

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Welcome back Frank! It's been a while since we've seen you! ^-^
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