How time flies...



Chad here.

No, not that Chad. This one. Confused? Me too.

For starters, sorry for not making one of these earlier. You deserve better.

Surpassing 2 years in this place has left me a bit melancholy. I'm hopeful that it's because there is still much to be seen and laughed at here on Hogwash(warts): The School of Minging and Whining, as that's what my purpose has been to achieve. I, Chad Melvin/Sright-Frankshmere, am really not the type to play drama telephone like some others and if you've ever heard or seen otherwise, it was likely in effort to meme or humble the most deserving of individuals. In hindsight, if I knew the better part of my first year on here was going to be spent as a third-party to laugh at the tedious frustrations of others or putting down those who tell me which $2k custom skin they beat their meat to, I would have joined much sooner. I mean shit, ever heard of jiggle physics? I digress..

Aimlessly flying around with my music slightly above peaking, acting out character bits with literally anyone, and making similar-minded friends has been a blast. I chose to path my own idea of "having fun" on here pretty early on and I don't regret it a bit. To the families that I've been in/am currently in mostly as idle, keep being awesome. You know who you are. You didn't push exclusivity for those who don't take this place too seriously and many of you are funny as fuck. The idea of roleplaying to me falters without allowing some passive elements to exist and I doubt myself and many others would have made it past the first week otherwise. I may have not made it past the first hour honestly if I wasn't so intrigued by the first three sits I had from 2 former rogue mods LOL. They really tried to get me for using the gamer word, yes that gamer word, in three different sits while withholding proof until it could be seen by a higher up or something, I'm paraphrasing, whatever. I loved every second of it.

To: Hogwarts roleplay server on Garry's Modifcation hosted by Star By Star Gaming (now with privacy policy and terms of service included). Keep up those events. Even if most of my relivable memories here stem from lively discord shenans and scenarios formed by happenstance, you keep it interesting in other ways. 

See ya's in-game. Pics below.


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Aww, I'm sad to hear that you are leaving chad. I will remember you and miss you very greatly !

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Come back and visit from time to time man! Wish you luck in your endeavors!
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sucks to see you leave  ronscared
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