Halo Bulletin 1st June 2020

SBS Halo News V1
A look back over everything that happened this week on SBS Halo RP

Roleplay News

RP Events

CNO Snow was assassinated by a Silent Shadow
CN HalfLight was killed by a Silent Shadow
BIOWAR has made its return with its’ director ENS Mann
The Navy Darkest Hour Division was established
“Navy Advertisement” was released.
A new AI Kitsune has arrived on base to assist the Medbay and the Spartans
SRA Bolas was found NOT GUILTY in a JAG trial for one of his charges
LCPL Murril was infected by Flood and had to be put down



VADM North was promoted to ADM
HCAP Sterling was promoted to RDML
MCPO Karl passed his officer training and was promoted to ENS
1LT Sinclair Sauceton was promoted to CPT
1LT Jack “Wolf” was promoted to CPT
2LT Aiming was promoted to 1LT
CN Mann passed his NCO and Officer training and was promoted to ENS
CDR Aura was promoted to HCAP
CA Knight was promoted to CN
PO1 Kratos was promoted to CPO
CA Flowers was promoted to CN
PO2 Jackie was promoted to PO1
CN Halio was promoted to PO3
PO3 Foureyes passed his NCO training and was promoted to PO2
CR Prof. Farnsworth was promoted to CA
CN Blitzø was promoted to PO3
CN Kilo was promoted to PO3
CN Jane was promoted to PO3
CA Hazel was promoted to CN
CR Totius was promoted to CA
SGT Toscano was promoted to SSGT
PFC Murril was promoted to LCPL
PVT Victor was promoted to PFC
PFC Browsing was promoted to LCPL
SGT Charlotte was promoted to SSGT
CR Markus was promoted to CA


Scion Nikios was promoted to Storm
Storm Aura was promoted to Champion
Major Rahkee was promoted to Commando
Commando Burdicis was promoted to Officer
Socii Siao was promoted to Scion
Champion Fera ‘Vdum was promoted to Warrior


[b][u]Trial News[/u][/b]

Jack Wolf passed his trial and is now a full Admin+
[b]Foureyes passed his trial and is now a full Gamemaker[/b]

Staff Changes

Sterling stepped down from General Manager
Zane stepped down from Head of Roleplay
Trap stepped down from Moderator

Izer was accepted for HIGHCOM and is now VADM
Dell/Kelval was accepted for General Manager
Aura was accepted for Staff Manager

General News

Trainings and Tryouts

JAG Classes were started by then VADM North and have been held twice thus far
The ODSTs held tryouts 3 times
The ODSTs held trainings twice
NAVSPECWAR7 held a training session once
The Wardogs held tryouts once

Leave of Absence updates:

PO1 Jackie returned from LOA
CPL Spectre/CA Hazel went on LOA
CA Josh/PVT Luke/CA Spirit returned from LOA
MGST Rose/CR Nylund Xaoshi went on LOA
SO Captain Frieza/Floof returned from LOA
CN Jane went on LOA
CPT Sinclair went on LOA - Though it is just low activity
VADM Izer/Dennis returned from LOA


Kestrel started the week off with a hunt for a HVT in an innie supply facility
Josh followed it up with neutralising a URF facility
Kestrel continued from his last mission to kill that HVT
Toscano gave us aa black market trade that we rumbled
Josh fired back with a supply retrieval and civie rescuing mission
Kicker did one of my favourite events so far with an equipment bidding warfare showcase
New up, Josh had us search for some missing civies to then fight off remnant forces
Foureyes gave us an event that was received well
Kratos wanted us to search a UNSC compound that was attacked by the URF
Foureyes hit us up with yet another event
Josh kept the streak up with a follow on from his passive rp the day before with the hunt for Major Jackson and SGTM Jason
Kestrel returned to give us an MIA scout team only to bamboozle us with Flood
Josh kept the ball rolling by allowing to get to the bottom of a spy problem
A Josh event had us go to recover data from some innies where we learned of a future attack (and a nuke got shot by an innie)
Our final event had us go and deal with a flood overrun outpost that spilled onto base

The Big Update

The server has experienced the “big update”
Many problems have been solved by this
Many problems have also been opened
We ask you to bare with the staff team while this get’s sorted
Zubey and Dell will be doing their best

Remembrance Day

A time where we all pay respect for our fallen soldiers who gave their lives fighting for our futures
Being a military rp server it is close to home with many players


Downtime was officially clarified
When their are >4 players it is active
All rules still apply
Fail Rp is not enforced as heavily but major failrp is still prohibited
If you are confused by this you can contact any of our moderators
Downtime is going to be removed at a later date that is to be announced
RDM is still enforced
We ask you that if any players break the rules during this time that you make a player report on the forums so the next staff member can deal with it accordingly

Motor Pool Changes

The vehicle bay and workshop were overhauled and redesigned by PO1 Jackie
It now is designed to improve Navy RP and have a more motor pool feel with all the different repair objects for you to use.
It should work with any vehicle if the way it was tested was correct.
Any issues just bring it up to me and I'll see if it can be adjusted accordingly

Community Meeting

The first community meeting with our new managers and Head of Roleplay

SBS Community Meeting -4- 05/31/20

30+ People Present


Kelval- General Manager

Aura-Staff manager 

North - Head of Roleplay

Writing - Aura

Introductions from Managers.

Staff Manager: Goals will be getting GM's up to standard.

Head of Roleplay: Hi, I'm North I do Roleplay.

General Manager:  Updating and fixing the updates from last update. My main things i will be doing are anything related to the server. I also put my toes in both roles, if you have question and the other two are not able to, I'm around.


Staff Manager: Main Goals: GM's, raising the quality of events and GM's.

General Manager: Fixing the recent update, and the balancing of the servers NPC's and making the server fun etc.


Removal of knifes to lower file count and allow more free space on the server. (Voting.)

Have one knife upvote or remove Knifes Downvote

10 - 15.

Changing all of the knifes to one skin or many skins.

2-22 22 in favor of removal.

Weapon Balancing/NPC Balancing 

Right now with the current state of the server, we are not looking at any changes right now. However we are looking to change/fix this in the future. 

Making People download only the basic necessary.

We are planning on making it so when people first join the server, they only download the most basic addons needed to load in and they will download the rest while playing.

Why was the energy sword removed from normal PVP job

Why was DMR removed from AF and Navy 

This was due to a change that was meant for happen for the Navy/ AF update to better reflect the newer changes that would be rolled out in the future, however as it stand we will be adding them back

What will be happening with ONI and who will be collecting said Data.

We will have Navy or anyone else collect it, you can still collect intel without looking at it.

Vehicles Spawner being fixed.

We are right now fixing that as we speak.(edited)



We are always looking for new or better AF/ground vehicles, if you have one let us know when suggestions get added back. We are adding back LFS


The last managements decisions made on Downtime will remain until i give a official announcement on it later this week.

The Cock. (Chain of command.)

When it  comes to anything related to Staff use the chain of command for smaller things, anything big or something that mods/Admin don't know on message me the staff manager about it. 

When it comes to regiments, officers etc talk to Izer first then North.
When it comes to pretty much anything server/Dev related talk to  Kelval, before Zubey.

Final Words

A final congratulations to everyone who was promoted this week and to everyone who was accepted for staff.
Remember to bare with Zubey, Kelval, North, and Aura while they settle into their new roles and help stabilise the server.
If you have any further things I've missed then go ahead and leave them below in this thread
Also a big thank you to Sterling, Trap, and Zane for all they’ve done for the server.
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very neat

Bruh too much effort xD
Redgie Sinistra Mjikel

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Congratulations to:

VADM North
[b]HCAP Sterling[/b]
[b][b]MCPO Karl[/b][/b]
[b][b]1LT Sinclair Sauceton[/b][/b]
[b][b]1LT Jack “Wolf”[/b][/b]
[b][b]CN Mann[/b][/b]
[b][b]2LT Aiming[/b][/b]
[b][b]CDR Aura[/b][/b]
[b][b]CA Knight[/b][/b]
[b][b]PO1 Kratos[/b][/b]
[b][b]PO2 Jackie[/b][/b]
[b][b]CA Flowers[/b][/b]
[b][b]PO3 Foureyes[/b][/b]
[b][b]CR Prof. Farnsworth[/b][/b]
[b][b]CN Blitzø[/b][/b]
[b][b]CN Kilo[/b][/b]
[b][b][b][b][b][b]CN Jane[/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b]
[b][b][b][b][b][b][b]CA Hazel[/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b]
[b][b][b][b][b][b][b]CR Totius[/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b]
[b][b][b][b][b][b][b]SGT Toscano[/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b]
[b][b][b][b][b][b][b]PVT Victor[/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b]
[b][b][b][b][b][b][b]PFC Murril[/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b]
[b][b][b][b][b][b][b][b]PFC Browsing[/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b]
[b][b][b][b][b][b][b][b]SGT Charlotte[/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b]
[b][b][b][b][b][b][b][b]CR Markus[/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b]
[b][b][b][b][b][b][b][b]Scion Nikios[/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b]
[b][b][b][b][b][b][b][b][b]Storm Aura [/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b]
[b][b][b][b][b][b][b][b][b]Major Rahkee[/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b]
[b][b][b][b][b][b][b][b][b]Commando Burdicis[/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b]
[b][b][b][b][b][b][b][b][b]Socii Siao[/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b]
[b][b][b][b][b][b][b][b][b][b]Champion Fera ‘Vdum[/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b]

for your promotions! I knew back in my heart that every single one of you would do it <3 :3

Those are some huge changes. Hmmm
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I feel like you're looking for the word June. Overall I think this is very comprehensive so I'll keep it as the official Weekly Update

I'm liking the bulletins, very helpful. Thanks, Jackie.
Jack / Josh
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(06-01-2020, 03:58 PM)Albert Sterling Wrote: I feel like you're looking for the word June. Overall I think this is very comprehensive so I'll keep it as the official Weekly Update

Shit I'm used to it being May, my bad
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