Long overdue


After 8 weeks of playing on this server I guess it is about time to make one of these. 

I’ve played by quite a few names:
  • Rupert Holmes (this was before I read the rules about muggle names lol)
  • Rupert Jones
  • Rat 8
  • Quincy Rupert Chills
  • Quincy Emberclaw
I feel like I’ve gotten to know quite a few of you guys (even if you don’t remember me) and I’m looking forward to getting to know you all more as time goes by.
Playing out different classroom scenarios and having interesting discussions on a variety of topics (even if off topic) is extremely enjoyable to me so you will catch me playing as a student/teacher in the classroom most days.  I’m not afraid to switch to prefect and make a forum report if people are being jackasses on the server, but I’m not about that life normally. 

Favorite classes:
  • Muggle Studies – can talk about literally anything in this class, it’s great. 
  • Herbology – Love giving field trips to Hagrid’s hut to show ingredient locations to new people (with admin supervision of course)
  • Potions – Cruciatus potion is my favorite; don’t get on my bad side  3:)
Least favorite classes:
  • Quidditch – snooze boring. Also super far away
  • History of Magic – this one is really hard to have material for so I don’t blame the teachers. 
  • Free time – actually the worst

Ayy welcome
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No clue who you are but hi
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