Trap's Farewell

To all my HaloRP peeps, as you probably know by now I have decided to leave the server. I've just been burnt out on it and hadn't been having fun on it when I played.

I want to go ahead and thank some people for making my time on HaloRP so enjoyable.

Firstly, @DarkestHour Jackie, you have made me laugh probably more than anyone I've ever played a video game with. You are seriously one of the funniest people I've ever met. You are also just such an amazing roleplayer and I wish you nothing but the best for your future. #JackieForAdmiral

Next, @Dell, you are just such a good ole lad and such a chill dude. Thank you for the pac knowledge that you have given me and all the help that you have given me too. Congratulations on Halo General Manager. I can't think of anybody that is more suited for the position than you.

@Jack (3) Thanks for just being another good lad. It was always fun fucking with you and listening to you rant all the damn time lol. Seriously you are such a good lad. Thank you for all the fun times.

@Jack/Josh Big boy josh, thank you for all you do for the server as a GM. I have never witnessed a more active GM in all my time of playing Gmod. I wish you the best.

I dont know if he has a forum account but this one is for spartan Jane. Thanks for all the fun times nerd. You are probably my favorite spartan (sorry for any other spartans that see this). I wish you the best of luck cuckhold.

Lastly thank you to spartan Dennis of Kilo Five for all the amazing passive RP that you do on base and all the RP that you do during events.

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Trap, I fell in love with you as a person the moment I heard "No! I'm with the science team"

You've always been a lot of fun and role play in a way I like

The whole serious but can have a joke type

Just everything about you is phenomenal

I wish you the best wherever it is you go cause I know you'll make it amazing

You'll always be my dad after all (even if it doesn't make sense)

It's funny that when I joined Halo I didn't like it at first but then I met you just being you and fell in love with the people.

My only regret was that I couldn't come off LOA sooner to be there before you left

I based my whole DarkestHour before every message after your Prometheus Actual, you were like dad to me on the server

You did my Navy training, you showed me around base, you taught me everything I know. Thank you

I will really miss you and hope that you know that whoever gets to spend time with you are some of the luckiest bastards out there

At ease soldier
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Goodbye Trap, you'll be missed :(((((( 

* Etlenor cries

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It was great having you man, thanks for all the work you put in for the server, I hope all is well for you man. Don't be a stranger bud!
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