Etlenor's Moderator Application

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(1.) What is your SteamID? - STEAM_0:0:96296990

(1a) What is your most recent ingame name? - Etlenor Dragon-Astrellis

(1b) What is your current year level in-game? (MUST be 7th to apply.) - 7th Year, Master Prestige.

(2.) What Timezone do you live in? - GMT+1

(2a) Please put what times you are most active in CST (Chicago US), so the managers know when they can expect to see you. - From 7 am to 1 pm CST ( 1pm to 5-7pm GMT+1 ).
(3.) How old are you? - N/A

(4.) When did you first join our server and how did you discover it? - I joined the server for the first time at the end of July 2016, and I discovered on a youtube video.

(4a) How can we be sure you will stay active and loyal (with your time) to Star by Star? - I've been playing almost every day for a good amount of time now. I've been on the community for almost 4 years now and I don't have intentions of leaving any time soon.

(4b) Do you understand you can be let go at ANY time for inactivity? - Yes, I do.

(5.) Do you understand and agree to not only comply with but also enforce the rules of the Server when necessary? - Yes, I understand.

(5a) When listing the rules please explain what they mean to show that you understand them.
 List Rules below:

 1 - Fail Roleplay
Don't make anything that wouldn't happen in a real-life situation or any actions that would break the rules of your Roleplay Job. This would include a professor not teaching a class as it should be; a snatcher spawning cuffs to students; or having players killing themselves.

 2 - No Disrespect
It's pretty self-explanatory. All players should be respectful of one another. Hate speech such as sexism, racism, homophobia, and any other type of discrimination is not allowed on the server.

 3 - No Random Deathmatch
Do not attack not attempt to kill any of your Roleplay companions, or others without a valid Roleplay reason. For example, students shouldn't be killing other students on purpose, but crossfires may happen which everyone should be careful about.
If you happen to get RDM'ed, make sure not attack back or go after that person as it's considered revenge RDM.

 4 - Obey Staff and Roleplay Leaders
Staff and your Roleplay leaders always have the final say. Any orders given by your Roleplay leaders should always be followed unless if it results in one of the server rules being broken.

 5 - No Massive Freespelling
Do not cast your spells without a valid Roleplay reason. Casting non-damaging spells towards someone isn't considered freespelling right away, but if you are asked to stop and you don't, prefects will arrest you.
The use of damaging spells on people who are considered your companions is not permitted, and that will fall under rule 4 as RDM.

 6 - No Metagaming
Do not use information that your character wouldn't know in Roleplay, through an OOC message, or Discord/Teamspeak for example, calling out snatcher who is not revealed; switching jobs to avoid a certain Roleplay scenario, like an arrest; etc.

 7 - No mic/chat spam
Just don't make any extremely loud sounds with your microphone, like screaming or shouting, nor play music unless you're given permission by a staff member, nor spam OOC, @ chat, or any others with messages.

 8 - Owl Post is for roleplay reasons only
Owl Post is used for Roleplay reasons only. This includes teachers stating if PTS is active; snatchers selling their captives; Roleplay leaders calling for meetings; etc.
Any other use of Owl Post is not allowed.

 9 - No Erotic Roleplay
Any kind of Erotic Roleplay is not allowed on the server, chat included. The server is supposed to be child friendly and few players are underaged, so it's better to keep it like that.

 10 - Do not avoid the AFK system or Map Exploit
Do not attempt to avoid the AFK system to grind XP. This is meant to be earned with server playtime and should never be abused.
Also, do not attempt to map exploit. There are bugs around the map that are still to be found, and exploiting these can lead to a big punishment, even if you didn't mean any harm.

(5b) Explain what the term "minge" means when referring to a player on the server - For me, minge is someone who joins to break server rules and ruin other players' fun and involvement. They have no intention to roleplay or to comply with the server rules.
(6.) Tell us about yourself and why you want to be staff on SBS? (100 words or less) - I'm Thomas, I'm from Portugal and I've been in the community since 2016. I've been around for a long time, I enjoy being involved in the community and I feel like I should be doing something bigger for it. I enjoy listening to music, playing video-games, and watching football ( or soccer for the Australians and North Americans ☺ ). The club I support is Sport Lisboa e Benfica.

(7.) What do you feel you need to improve on the most? - Maybe my temper and not be frustrated if I see myself in a tricky situation. I know that staff members that play long hours can get burnt down and get stressed easily, and I don't want to be aggressive or rude towards anyone if that was to happen.
(8.) How would having you on staff benefit our server and what sets you apart from the rest of the applicants? - Probably the timezone I play on. I'm active when there's no staff on, and I get to experience 3-5 hours of Prefect Law.
(9.) Have you been staff/are currently on any other servers? If so, which ones? (List them if possible) - I was a staff member at H.D. Gaming.
(10.) Have you ever been banned on any Garrys Mod/SBS servers? If yes, then please list when, how long, and the reason. - I've been banned from SBS around 5 times, and once or twice on the StarWarsRP server I used to play on.
(11.) Are the Server staff or the players more important? Why? - Both are equally important. Players are what makes the community as big and great as it is, and staff members help to moderate it, making sure nothing out of place happens.
(12) How would you rate your skills overall out of 10 (EX: Patience, response time, etc) - 

Patience - 8  I can definitely have my bad days, like most people, but I'll try my best to not bring that to the server to not affect staff nor regulars 

Response time - 9 If I do get this position, I will try to always respond to sits as soon as possible, but if a situation like solo staffing happens or if the server gets really chaotic with very few staff on, that might change a bit as I wouldn't be able to take multiple sits at once 

Communication - 9 For me, a good staff team is one who has good communication between every member. I'll try my best to answer and communicate with the rest of the team if I get the position 

Activity - 9 I believe my activity is good. I can play from 3 to 5 hours a day, and most of it covers a few hours of prefect law. 

(13.) If you do not know how to handle a situation in a mod-sit, what do you do? - I would ask for help from a higher-up or another moderator who's been around for longer. 
(14.) You understand and realize, that by applying for staff on the server also means, that you are sacrificing the complete freedom of being able to RP freely all the time without any interruptions, and are obligated to handle all server issues at hand no matter the situation? - Yes, I do understand.

(15.) Please make a list of all previous staff applications, a link to them, and the reason they were locked. If they were accepted, please give a short explanation of why you are no longer staff. (Disregard if this is your first application) - All the previous applications are on the old forums.

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-1 worst applicant I've ever seen doesn't know any of the rules and mingy

Nah in all seriousness He's one of the best applicants I've seen in a while always on, prefecting, helping out around the school. I'd love to see him as a mod

Easy +1
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Huge +1 from me you know the server and the rules really well you are a really nice person seen you prefecting constantly and you report a lot and always try and help out with you can. I would love to see you on the staff team. Good luck!!! 
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Huge huge huge +1 Lou said what I could say so much better than I could. It would be such a pleasure to have you on the staff team.  ravenclawPride

(06-13-2020, 02:15 PM)Lou Frostmourne Snootles Wrote:
Huge +1 from me you know the server and the rules really well you are a really nice person seen you prefecting constantly and you report a lot and always try and help out with you can. I would love to see you on the staff team. Good luck!!! 

Hugely agree with Lou
i am really happy to see you apply
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We've all been waiting for this. Etlenor is guy with a positive personality and vibe. He's very friendly, always willing to help others, and is just there to have a great time. He's a respectable guy; someone I can trust and rely on. Possibly one of the best applicants I've seen in awhile. Give this man a chance :)
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Spicy P

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You have a great head on your shoulders.

You know the rules, and you're very creative.

I can see people actually listening to you, due to how down to earth you are.

You are kind and one of the funniest guys I know.

I think you would be a wonderful moderator.

Huge +1 from me.

Thanks for applying, and good luck my friend!

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I’m not going to vote as to avoid any bias in my reply.

I think etlenor has shown MAJOR improvement. He’s active, constantly perfecting, and always helping newer players. Yeah he had a past of minging, but so many people do too. 

I don’t see why he shouldn’t be given a chance.
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who are you?
-1 no synergy with staff team. 

Etlenor has described interest over the past few months to be part of the team and has done his best to increase his understanding of the rules so that he can one day enforce them. He has big aspirations and is aware of how he was perceived in the past, his maturity has certainly improved if I am to believe the reputation he once had. I think he deserves a chance at a trial and I am therefore supporting him.
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Big Grin 

I see you as an Applicant who can possess good moderation and good gamemaking at the same time. So honestly, I could totally see you doing well in both positions, so regardless of the position you decided to apply for, I would support both.

Just looking at the Application, rules are explained and labeled clearly and simple which really is nice. I like the honesty with some faults regarding patience and frustration which definitely is something you should try to fix or control, especially when situations can be tough or tense. I feel as you should try to work in those areas and ask for guidance or assistance if you need examples or possible scenarios. Overall, very nice Application. 

Server-perspective, I'll be honest, issues have occurred with you in the past, whether it'd be minor or a bit more severe which was around the ending of 2019 and beginning of 2020 as well. But I honestly feel as you've improved quite well and working on the knowledge of the rules and overall behavior as well. So big props there to you man. I also feel as you have a good attitude and it's improved, so I'm really happy to see that. I want you to definitely keep up that good positive attitude, keep striving! 

I can vouch for great prefecting as well which is really nice, your tone when directing players is very calm and also authoritative when needed. You do some good RP as well which is really nice to see, I'd like you try to do more if you can, even taking on professor roles which would be nice to see you do as well. Prefecting and Teaching are within the same tree, but have different attributes to them when playing as them which are both equally important in my opinion. I think you can master both! 

I have high-hopes, I want to see greatness from you, and I expect it. Please keep working on being great and work on the faults you may feel as you have. 

Good luck!!

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