Farewell for a while!

So from the grind of playing sbs for  a while im taking a break! I feel like when i play i get bored really easy and im doing the same thing over and over again.  I dont get excited to play sbs like i used to. 

See you guys soon!

@Astro Brooks-Nova @David Elios-EElsord @Jacob Williams @Seraphin Red Please lock this thread!

see yah man

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take care
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See you in a week
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Well the fact that you dont know @Ritchie is i already uninstalled gmod!

@Edwin Tossil-Dragon 1 i wont because i work and i just got bored of playing and the drama! Its not fun to play at all.

(06-15-2020, 11:40 PM)Jackson Novak Wrote: Well the fact that you dont know @Ritchie is i already uninstalled gmod!

Tis ok you'll reinstall it in a week.
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Take care.
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i give it 2 days
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Thread Locked.
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