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Thank you to Jackie for recording this shit
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U N I T E D   N A T I O N S   S P A C E   C O M M A N D

The following is a paid promotion by the UNSC Air Force

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Want to fly high in the sky?

Wanna ride in some cool ass aircraft?

Want to sit in some chairs?

Well you join the Chairforce today!

F R E E That Spells FREE

Drive a cool ass hornet not an APC

Too bad I'm a marine, that is wack!

So join the airforce, just give it a crack!


Subject to availability and activity

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Recorded by @DarkestHour Jackie

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This is some beautiful stuff, that guy singing deserves a record deal.

Never thought I'd see another advertisement

@DarkestHour Jackie oh booy nice one for keeping this alive


@♔Redgie♔ technically its not bumping since its already at the top, the term is Necro

just thought it looked cool >:(

my bad, time to warn myself

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I believe that's bumping my good sir
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