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Thank you to Jackie for recording this shit
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U N I T E D   N A T I O N S   S P A C E   C O M M A N D

The following is a paid promotion by the UNSC Air Force

Want to fly high in the sky?

Wanna ride in some cool ass aircraft?

Want to sit in some chairs?

Well you join the Chairforce today!

F R E E That Spells FREE

Drive a cool ass hornet not an APC

Too bad I'm a marine, that is wack!

So join the airforce, just give it a crack!


Subject to availability and activity

Created by @Michigan
Recorded by @DarkestHour Jackie

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This is some beautiful stuff, that guy singing deserves a record deal.

Never thought I'd see another advertisement

@DarkestHour Jackie oh booy nice one for keeping this alive


@♔Redgie♔ technically its not bumping since its already at the top, the term is Necro

just thought it looked cool >:(

my bad, time to warn myself

Ripthread locking~
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I believe that's bumping my good sir
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