Map Suggestions for the server.

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I am suggesting we add these maps to the server. < I recommend we add this one the most. It works with our server.
These maps I believe would be a great addition to the server due to most of them provide an environment we do not currently have or a better version of what me might already have.

There really is not any negatives in adding these maps in. These are simply put really good maps.
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I remember playing on a few of these maps before actually.  For the most part, they all look nice from the screenshots.  I would be most interested in rp_dead_spacestation.
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I have spent multiple hours on CoruscantBelow and it is a very unique map. It is a great map overall with lots of possibilities. It would just be a bit weird seeing plenty of different battalions going to the Coruscant underworld.
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Hope to see CoruscantBelow.

Suggestion Partially Accepted

Not all of the maps you listed here were added for a variety of reasons, which I can give each specific one over DMs if you wish, but the main reasons for some of the maps not being accepted were either that they were too large of a file size to add in alongside other maps, or required content from other games that many people don't have. 

However, that doesn't mean none of the maps were accepted. Specifically, RP_CoruscantBelow was fully accepted (I had already planned to add the map, so that worked out nicely), and while I did not add the exact same Umbara map you suggested, I did add a very similar one that we've used in the past on the server. Both of these maps will be added in this week's Events update. Thank you for the good suggestions! 

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