Halo Bulletin 22nd June 2020

SBS Halo News V4


A look back over everything that happened this week on SBS Halo RP

Roleplay News

RP Events

Ensign Zane stepped down from his ensign position and went to the Marines as a PVT

CDR Herold as assassinated by a Remnant Zealot
The insurrectionists have gained Underwater Tanks that can be used like submarines
Innie Spec Ops have started to hide in trees giving some soldiers PTSD
LTG Izer has returned to base and is revitalising the Marine Corps
The Wardogs have returned with 3 current members being Top Hat, Browsing, and Dornan
The ODSTs have gained the new old ONI building for themselves
The Vehicle Pool has been updated
The Med Bay has been updated
Nikios has begun training to become a NCO for the SOS
The Air Force created an advertisement


GYSGT Vess was promoted to MSGT
GYSGT Outlaw was promoted to MSGT
PO2 Dusk was promoted to PO1
PO2 Halio was promoted to PO1
CPO Jackie was promoted to SCPO
PFC Leaf was promoted to LCPL
PVT Ramos was promoted to PFC
SSGT Kestrel was promoted to GYSGT
LCPL Chris "Dragon" was promoted to CPL
SSGT Toscano was promoted to GYSGT
CA Totius was promoted to CN
GYSGT Alastor was promoted to MSGT
CN Blaskowitz was promoted to PO3
AB Haiku was promoted to AMN
PFC TyR was promoted to LCPL
PVT Purifier was promoted to PFC
CR Forbes was promoted to CA
SCPO Kratos was promoted to MCPO
SSGT Charlotte was promoted to GYSGT
MSGT Outlaw was promoted to SGTM


INF Socii Midzil was promoted to Scion
INF Storm Nikios was promoted to Warrior
INF Socii Gresh Nevrock was promoted to Scion
INF Socii Xur Von was promoted to Scion


Trial News

Jackie passed their trial to become a full moderator
Charlotte passed her trial to become a full moderator
Dusk passed his trial to become a full moderator
Sinclair passed his trial to become a full admin
Fera will continue onto his second week as a trial moderator
Oski was accepted as a trail moderator

General News

Trainings and Tryouts

ODSTs held tryouts for ODST and ODST medic

Air Force held tryouts once
Medical Corps held trouts 3 times
Wardogs held tryouts once
Spartans held a mandatory training that was rescheduled
All Marine battalions + Air Force + Some Navy held a group training

Leave of Absence updates:

Nikios returned from LOA and returned twice

Jax Von went on LOA
Henry Oaxford went on LOA
Mann returned from LOA
Jackie went on LOA
Meep went on LOA
Frieza went on LOA


North had us going into a city on the brink of revolt to protect the mayor

Kratos has us take care of a covenant cruiser and an innie frigate
The Downfall Campaign continued thanks to Kestrel
Josh had save a city being fought over by Remnant and the URF
Kratos had given us the chance for revenge against the Zealot who killed CDR Herold
Kicker has us dealing with a warhead
Josh has us going after an innie outpost to deal with a whole tonne of objectives
Foureyes led us to stop some local pirates harassing a small settlement
Josh then made us investigate an outpost for suspicious behaviour
Kratos ended the week off with eliminating some jackal pirates

Final Words

Congratulations to all our new additions on the team.
A happy Fathers Day to any SBS dads out there
And we hope the best for everyone in this hard time.
Stay safe and enjoy yourself!
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