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Hello everyone! 

While I have been away for some time now, I have been thinking about the future of the Clone Wars RP server and have come up with a new plan going forward. In the past, I have taken my time in making larger updates while not getting much feedback from the community, and instead doing what I felt was best. While this can work and has in the past, it has become apparent to me that this method will not continue to work with the current state of the server. 

This new plan is what I am calling the "Month of Updates", and has a very simple premise. During the month of July, there will be a new update to the server each week of the month. Each of these updates will encompass a different part of the server, while also fixing any past or new bugs and making changes to preexisting content on the server. For example, the first week of July will be the "Events" update, which encompasses things like maps, NPCs, Gamemaker tools, and enemy vehicles. The second week of July will be the "Battalions and Immersion/RP" update, which will include changes to battalions, the equipment they use, and enhancing the immersion aspects of the server. 

However, the last 2 weeks of July do not yet have set in stone themes or ideas, which is where all of you come in. For this entire Month of Updates, I want the community to be heavily involved with the development process to make sure that the updates you all want are made. To this end, two main things are going to be done. 

First, a public Trello has been made to document all changes that are being considered, worked on, and completed. This Trello will be updated consistently as I work on these updates, adding in new ideas or changes that are thought up, documenting what I am currently working on, and saying what will be and what will not be implemented. You can find the link to this Trello here.

Second, I will be hosting regular server meetings in the Clone Wars RP discord to get community feedback about any and all changes I plan to make in the upcoming updates. The first of these meetings will be at the end of this week on July 3rd, 5PM CST. There I will be discussing what I plan to do for the Battalions and Immersion/RP update the following week, as well as seeing what else the community would like to do going forward. All of your voices will matter during this process, and all forum suggestions made during this time will also be taken into account no matter what they are. 

Now, what specifically do I plan to include in these updates? Well, for the first week's Events update there will be new NPCs, some new maps (including a true coruscant underworld map), changes made to CIS vehicles to make them a greater threat, and new tools being added for gamemakers to make better, bigger events. This update will also likely include the most amount of bug fixes out of any of the others. 

For the Battalions and Immersion/RP update, things are more "up in the air" as for what will be done. One of the things that is most likely to happen is a reorganization of the 442nd into a new battlalion called the "38th Armored Corps". The base loadout of the troopers will not differ from the current 442nd loadout, but this battalion will have another company added on to it called the "Combat Engineers" who are able to build like the old engineers could on the past server. There are several other changes being considered, but I do not want to say anything at this time which may change down the line. Once again, at the end of this week I will be further discussing this update and getting a consensus on what to do and what not to do, so be there for that server meeting if you want your voice to be heard. 

During this month there will also be several in-game events going on alongside these updates, such as the Week-long "Operation Night Hammer" campaign, Wargames, and a 24-hour campaign will all be hosted during this month. So if the updates don't interest you, there will still be plenty to do on the server itself. 

I will make sure that I keep the Clone Wars RP community informed as to when each weekly update is put on the server, when each of the server meetings are, and when all of these in-game events occur. However, to pull this off all of you will have to do your part in speaking out and giving your thoughts. If we do not band together to work through our current struggles and instead remain quiet, hoping someone else will speak what you think, then we cannot make the server the best it can be. So please, be vigilant in speaking your mind about any part of these updates whether that be during the server meetings, on the forums, or even just by messaging me on discord or steam.

I thank you all for your cooperation in this endeavor, and I can't wait to make this server the absolute best version of itself it can be. It will be a lot of work to pull this off, but in the end I feel it will be worth it. If you have any questions about what will be done during this Month of Updates or anything related to it, put a comment below and I will be happy to answer it. 

Until next time, may the force be with you, and have a wonderful night. 

- Corgi
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DE-10 rework when?

(06-28-2020, 11:17 PM)GameShark Wrote: DE-10 rework when?

DE-10 rework when?
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Major Raccoon

Can't wait for this month!
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Marines still dead though
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(06-28-2020, 11:18 PM)Rainbow_Blitz1 Wrote:
(06-28-2020, 11:17 PM)GameShark Wrote: DE-10 rework when?

DE-10 rework when?

Nah fuck that, AT-RT fix when?
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Its about Time.

Yessirrr. Corgi always comin thru! 
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If DE-10 gets buffed ill stop smoking.

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