Mike Donner's First Moderator Application

(1.) What is your SteamID? - STEAM_0:1:80764254

(1a) What is your most recent ingame name? - Mike Donner

(1b) What is your current year level in-game? (MUST be 7th to apply.) - Prestige 3 year 1

(2.) What Timezone do you live in? - BST

(2a) Please put what times you are most active in CST (Chicago US), so the managers know when they can expect to see you. - any time I'm needed between 5am and 5pm I can be active (possibly other times, just not as often) however I'm mostly active from 10am to 5pm
(3.) How old are you? - 16 

(4.) When did you first join our server and how did you discover it? - I first joined the server some time back in 2018, after seeing it on youtube and wanting to try it out for myself.

(4a) How can we be sure you will stay active and loyal (with your time) to Star by Star? - I'm on very often at the moment and I have nothing that could get in the way of me staffing for at least 3 months (no work/school), so I'd be able to dedicate some of my time to being a mod on the server. I'm really enjoying my time on the server at the moment, so there's no chance of me quitting playing any time soon.

(4b) Do you understand you can be let go at ANY time for inactivity? - Yep.

(5.) Do you understand and agree to not only comply with, but also enforce the rules of the Server when necessary? - I do. I understand that in my position as staff I would be a role model, so breaking rules would leave a really bad example for others, especially when I'm supposed to be the person enforcing the rules.

(5a) When listing the rules please explain what they mean to show that you understand them.
 List Rules below:

 1: No FailRP - I see this rule as not acting majorly out of character, and doing an act that would not happen realistically. For example, if a student was getting chased by a prefect in a real life scenario, said student would not throw himself off a cliff to escape detention. If doing something as a character doesn't feel right, don't do it. For some RP scenarios, permission must be requested otherwise it becomes FailRP (a teacher would not randomly take an entire class out on a field trip).

 2: No disrespect/hatespeech/offensive behaviour - I understand this rule to be way of preventing people from using racist, homophobic, sexist, etc terminology not only in a derogatory way to others, but in general. Also this helps people to feel more comfortable on the server, as insulting someone on a personal feature of themselves e.g. their voice also breaks rule 2 as it is disrespectful. Players are not allowed to post anything that breaks rule 2 in chat, nor can they say it in voip. If they are disrespecting a specific person, they will likely be asked to stop. If they don't, then further action may be taken.
3: No RDM - I see this rule as a way of ensuring that people are not killed for unfair or unnecessary reasons. For example, the rule prevents a LF character from killing another LF character for any reason, as there would be no need for this to happen. I find this rule to be common on most Gmod servers, as getting killed is annoying given it causes things such as having to travel back to where you were from your spawn. If this rule was not in place the server would likely be a pvp server, with students fighting to the death in every class. The rule itself states that you may not kill another player without a legitimate roleplay reason. Reasons for this include, but are not limited to a snatcher becoming revealed or players fighting at the quiddich pitch. If you kill somebody for no apparent reason then you are likely to get banned, or get an only warning.
4: Obey staff and RP leaders - I believe that this rule is in place to ensure that there is always some level of authority on the server, and that people know when to do as they are told (due to it being an RP leader of theirs telling them what to do) Without this rule students could possibly feel as if they can do as they please, meaning that prefects have no control over students for example, as there's no rule stating that students have to listen to what prefects say. Staff are the highest level of authority as their decisions are probably for the best and are not to be argued with. The rule means that players must listen to people above them in power within RP. For example, students must listen to prefects, however prefects can be told what to do by professors and head boy. If they refuse to listen then they are subject to detention/staff intervention.
5: No Mass Freespelling - I understand this rule to be in place to prevent people from constantly being hit by spells that disrupts their gameplay, the main example of this being stupefy. If a student freespells once then they should be warned, as this may have been a friendly joke/missclick. If the students persists in shooting freespells then they may be arrested to prevent further disruption. This rule is also important to ensure that unarrestable jobs e.g. professors don't freespell, as they are then taking advantage of being on an unarrestable job to break a rule. Attack spells do not need to be warned before arresting, as further attacking may lead to RDM. The rule itself means that if students use a spell that has an effect on another player without a valid RP reason repeatedly, they may be arrested or warned/banned by staff (only in extreme cases).
6: No Metagaming - This rule ensures that people don't gain an advantage in-game using non-rp means. For example, calling out a non-revealed character such as a snatcher or pettigrew is metagaming, as the player has no knowledge of these roles being DF until they are revealed, and in an RP sense they are a student/rat respectively. This rule also adds the concept of starting a new life as I like to consider it, where once you die/switch jobs you forget everything from your past life, meaning you cannot use this information to assist you in-game. For example, if you see a student freespelling as a student, and then switch onto prefect and set a DOS on them that is then considered metagaming, as you had not experienced that student freespelling in your current life. Another good example of this is seeing a snatch and then switching roles to a role such as an auror to return and kill the snatcher. No knowledge of a past life/ knowledge gained from job titles, player skins, etc should be used to change how you play the game.
7: No mic/chat spam - this rule prevents people from using their mic or chat to disrupt conversations. Examples of micspam include playing music, screaming down one's mic and leaving your mic on unnecessarily. Likewise, people are not allowed to spam chats such as @ chat, whatever the intention. Spamming @ chat can make it harder for staff to find people who actually need help, and spamming local chat or ooc can disrupt people's conversations in said chats.
8: OP is only to be used for major RP purposes - This rule is in place to allow for a system where people can share significant messages in chat without others abusing it. If people were to use OP for unnecessary reasons then the people using it properly will get less use out of it. Spamming OP can also disrupt chat, which is why OP should only be used occasionally, and for important reasons. Examples of this include a snatcher selling a snatch, a prefect giving an RFD and a professor calling PTS in a class. All of these situations are important for people to know about, so people using OP for non-important reasons defeats the point of OP, as well as making a message stand out unnecessarily.
9: No ERP - This rule is in place to ensure that the server is more accessible to younger people, as well as ensuring that people don't get disturbed by overly sexual conversations. This rule prevents players form saying anything sexual in chat or voice, as well as preventing them from replicating sexual acts in character. Use of the /me command to list out sexual acts is also prohibited as it falls under ERP, even if only those who are close to you can see the message.
10: Do not avoid the AFK system/map exploit - This rule is in place to prevent people from gaining an unfair advantage by farming XP, making them pass through the years at a quicker rate than others. Use of a bind/holding down a key with a weighted object to prevent getting kicked is considered AFK exploiting, and due to the unfair advantage it can grant it carries a fairly hefty ban. Map exploting is the act of getting outside of the map or using any features of the map in a malicious way. If somebody gets out of bounds unintentionally then they should call for a staff member to come and free them. However, if somebody gets outside of the map intentionally for any reason then they are at risk of getting banned.
(5b) Expain what the term "minge" means, when referring to a player on the server - A minge is a term used to describe somebody who joins a server with the sole intent of ruining others' experience by causing havoc, and breaking as many rules as possible. The term 'NITRP' (no intention to roleplay) is best used to describe a minge, as minges are not on the server to play properly, but rather are there to prevent others from doing so.
(6.) Tell us about yourself and why you want to be staff on SBS? (100 words or less) - I've been playing on SBS on and off for 2 years now, and during that time I've seen staff members come and go, and thought that I would like to try it out for myself. There's often times when I'm on however no staff are on, which makes me realise that if I were to become staff, there would be less moments where no staff are on. I also enjoy creating an enjoyable playerbase by helping people as I can, and I feel I would be more able to do so as staff.
(7.) What do you feel you need to improve on the most? - I feel that patience is something that I struggle with quite often at the moment. It isn't a major problem, but sometimes when I am trying to tell somebody something over and over and they refuse to listen it can get on my nerves. I know that being staff can really test my patience, however I feel that as time goes on I'll only get more patient, and in a situation such as a sit I will have a good amount of patience, simply because there's nothing rushing me.
(8.) How would having you on staff benefit our server and what sets you apart from the rest of the applicants? - I'm very active which means that I will be able to help out on the server, and I would be able to do things such as swap in with staff members who are logging off to prevent the use of Plaw. Something I value greatly in a team is communication, which is why I would speak to other staff members as much as possible. If any staff members wanted to speak to me I would never say no, as I feel that every conversation holds some level of importance. Also, I will be able to help with keeping control of the server through discipline. I'm not scared to give punishment to those who deserve it, and I make decisions based on what I feel is right. I feel that if there's anything that sets me apart from other applicants, it would be enthusiasm. An opportunity such as being a mod would come as such a privilege to me, and I would take up the job with great responsibility. I would be very active and would I would listen to all advice given to me as something such as this could prove useful for things such as life skills, decision making, etc. I would be active because I know that I would enjoy the job. Also, the way in which I try to present myself makes people respect me more (in my opinion at least), which would mean that people would listen to me and appreciate what I'm saying more if I were staff.
(9.) Have you been staff/are currently on any other servers? If so, which ones? (List them if possible) - None.
(10.) Have you ever been banned on any Garrys Mod/SBS servers? If yes, then please list when, how long, and the reason. - Alright, confession time.

Back in 2018 and in quite a bit of 2019 I collected a handful of bans during my time spent on the server. These were for a variety of reasons, and I'm pretty sure the longest ban I got was for a month for a mix of rulebreaks. Since late 2019 I took a step back from the server and returned a few months ago with a new approach. I got one small ban for a silly mistake of mine (4 hour ban) a few months ago, but apart from that I don't think I've had a single ban in 2020. During this time I would have considered myself immature, which is why I was so prone to getting banned. I wouldn't say I was a minge, because I often did enjoy the RP aspect of things. I just had a certain tendency to see how much I could do before getting banned. During this time I learned a lot, not only about the playerbase but about the rules as well, due to my time spent on the server in the past. I decided to take a step back and spend some time away from the server because I actually enjoyed it, and I didn't want to end up perm banned. I don't know the exact date in which I took a step back, but my last ban in 2019 was likely just before October (I might be wrong, staff can probably check and correct me on this). I found that I was enjoying myself a lot more by following the rules properly, which was surprising to me. I haven't looked back since to be honest.

As for other servers, I have been banned from a few darkRP servers for RDM and propclimb, but I feel that more people have been banned for things like this than those who haven't.
(11.) Are the Server staff or the players more important? Why? - The players are more important than the staff in my opinion as without a playerbase, there would be no need for staff. The whole purpose of staff are to help the players have a more enjoyable experience, which means that they have to focus on the players. If a staff member had a problem, but so did a player, the player's problem would likely be more important as it could disrupt their experience on the server if not helped, however if staff need assistance then it's likely something that doesn't need urgent attention.
(12) How would you rate your skills overall out of 10 (EX: Patience, response time, etc) - 

Patience - 6

I feel that, as stated above, I can become somewhat impatient from time to time, however if the situation heavily relies on it then I am able to hold my patience for as long as necessary. I'm always willing to let others speak, and I don't really care too much if somebody cuts in when I'm speaking, as I know that if I wait I will eventually be able to get my word in. As a prefect on the server I always give warnings, even when not 100% necessary such as when a student breaks PTS, because I feel that if you give someone some time and give them a talking to instead of instantly moving to punishment then said person is much more likely to be compliant in the future. I am also understanding of people perhaps having reasons for doing something (they may have not known that PTS was active for example, or they may not have known what it was).

Response Time - 9

I find that whenever I'm called for something such as prefects being needed in a class, I'm always quick to show up to the class to assist whoever requested my presence. Additionally whenever somebody asks for help in chat I'm always willing to get back to them as soon as possible to help them out. If somebody messages me privately about something I'm always happy to get back to them with a quick response, wether it be a question or just something that they wished to tell me.

Helpfulness - 8 

I try to help people whenever I can. For example for the first part of a class I'm often walking about keeping an eye out for any lower year students that may need help in getting to class. If somebody asks where they need to go, I often try to meet up with them and lead them to their destination. I explain server rules to newer players who may not be sure about them to prevent them from getting in more trouble in the future due to breaking said rules. As mentioned above I try my best to answer any questions that people have in chat, and I also try to give people advice on how to make their experience more enjoyable.

Confidence - 9

I often find myself giving GH speeches, as well as teaching classes. I guess you could also consider this creativity, but I often find ways to make these RP experiences more enjoyable by changing things up. For example, I might give great hall as the caretaker (with permission of course). Additionally, I find myself to be really good at finding topics for classes and speaking continuously on said topics, which is something that you don't often see with classes that aren't spell classes in my opinion. I'm not saying that no other teachers teach with confidence because I know that isn't true, but just that I'm someone who can teach with confidence. I also don't have trouble speaking to people, and I'm always up for meeting new people and making new friends.

Friendliness - 7

I try to be as friendly as I can with people, however there's been times where I've felt that I have tried to force myself on people too much. I try my best to stay positive on the server and I never hold grudges with people if I do have any type of disagreement with them. If there are people who don't like me I don't treat them any differently, I just try not to be around them as often to ensure that I don't annoy them. I like to have a laugh with others and I understand what is and isn't a joke. 
(13.) If you do not know how to handle a situation in a mod-sit, what do you do? - I would first recap using the compendium if it was confusion of if a rule was broken, however if it's two people who are being unruly in a sit I would either gag each person one at a time to let each person have a say in the sit, or call in a second staff member to help me take care of the sit.
(14.) You understand and realize, that by applying for staff on the server also means, that you are sacrificing the complete freedom of being able to RP freely all the time without any interruptions, and are obligated to handle all server issues at hand no matter the situation? - Yes. I have spent a good amount of time playing the server freely, and I am willing to sacrifice some of my time to make the server a much more enjoyable experience for others. For me, I'm gaining from it either way. The players enjoying themselves also brings me enjoyment, which would make the sacrifice worth it.

(15.) Please make a list of all previous staff applications, a link to them, and the reason they were locked. If they were accepted, please give a short explanation of why you are no longer staff. (Disregard if this is your first application) -

This is my first application, meaning that I don't expect great things to come of it. Any feedback is greatly appreciated, no matter if it's positive or negative.
Great Halls hosted as the caretaker: 6/10 (Not Enough)

Prefect meetings hosted as caretaker: 0/3 (Not Enough)

Herbology classes taught: Too many
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I'm actually quite happy to see your application.
I think you're a good Trial Mod material so that we can see in action.

I like your understanding of rules and I really see that on server.
When there's time to have fun - it's time to have fun, but when you need to enforce rules, you do.

+1 from me to give you a chance.

The one thing that I consider could be quite disturbing to me is, you have quite lots of people around you. I hope if you're a mod I'll never see any biased actions from you.

Go for it Mike.
All best.
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+1 I do see potential with you on mod.
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(07-03-2020, 02:43 PM)Garbo Wrote: +1 I do see potential with you on mod.

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Mike is very conscientious and outgoing player to newer and older players alike. I have no doubt that he would try to reach a fair outcome in any sit. He is also not impulsive and doesn't jump to conclusions from what I've seen. His app is pretty good and he has a good understanding for the rules despite being a lower prestige. He would be the youngest team member if accepted, but he is pretty mature. If given a chance I would suggest to observe how he verbally handles sits early on to ensure he can field some of the many requests that come through. 

I support Mike for a chance at trial. 

re: @ScoobyDoobie (below) I was referring to the current team.
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You're a decent guy. You prefect a lot and I believe the community knows about you (which is good). There are just a couple of things that trouble me. Quite an amount of people just don't like you, that might or not be your fault but this is a problem. I wouldn't really care about what people think about you, but as a staff member that is something to think about. You are in quite a lot of arguments and that's fine, but there are quite a few examples where you don't act like a future staff member at all. I think you would get in a lot of drama, but I also think you would be a fair Moderator. I have mixed feelings about your application, but I don't really see why you shouldn't be given a chance. At the very least I believe you should get a chance. Wish you good luck mate.

Neutral to +1
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(07-03-2020, 03:43 PM)Eviscerate Wrote: Mike is very conscientious and outgoing player to newer and older players alike. I have no doubt that he would try to reach a fair outcome in any sit. He is also not impulsive and doesn't jump to conclusions from what I've seen. His app is pretty good and he has a good understanding for the rules despite being a lower prestige. He would be the youngest team member if accepted, but he is pretty mature. If given a chance I would suggest to observe how he verbally handles sits early on to ensure he can field some of the many requests that come through. 

I support Mike for a chance at trial. 

Actually there have been younger staff on the team like Amelia to name one anyways this app isn't about them it's about you your app seems good and you seem to have a good head on your shoulders +1
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He knows the rules and is quite active. I think he would be a good moderator
haha yes
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I don't think Age should be considered in this case, I mean, I was accepted as moderator when I was 16. Age doesn't matter, the maturity of the individual is what DOES matter. 

I haven't seen much of you, to be completely honest. I've noticed you have a strong presence on the forums, but I haven't seen you on the server too much. It's possibly just a consequence of time zones, but I will definitely keep an eye out for you next time I'm online. 

No vote as of now, will be subject to change once I see you online. Good luck, Mike!
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(07-03-2020, 02:13 PM)Mike Donner Wrote: Patience - 6

Aloha good sir!

I believe you know the rules pretty well, you seem active during prefect law, and you seem pretty professional as well.

The only downside I see with you is that you argue a bit more than I'd like from someone that's applying for staff. While I may not be the best person to talk, I always make sure to be respectful, and I always defuse the arguments on the server. I just hope that you know arguments and drama isn't the best thing for staff, at least on the server. 

The reason I quoted you is because I like that you pointed it out yourself, which means you are probably more likely to improve on that.

Neutral to +1


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