Katherine Goodfriend's sings a classic

It was a normal night 
like any other on Harry Potter.

Katherine in the yard was captured by a handsome young bard, who decided to give her a surprise tour of the dark forest Cabin Door..

He dragged her by her feet, still being a gentleman and sweet. And serenaded the illest tune he'd heard earlier that afternoon. 

With chuckles and laughter they churlishly sang, until later that night they decided to return to Hogwarts

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Great singing lol
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thank you, very cool
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10/10 would watch again.
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But like why do you have 2 fumos binds  voldehappy

Lmao brilliant

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(07-30-2020, 08:00 AM)[red] Tyr Wrote: But like why do you have 2 fumos binds  voldehappy

how have i never noticed this in all of the screenshots i've seen him take
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