The Big Protest

The big protest agains prefect brutality
At Hogwarts

A big protest took place at hogwarts tonight. After prefect's swung their batons to maintain the peace, some students started a protest.
The protest was violent and harvested some students lives. Rest in peace to them. #SLM #Justiceforrawenclaw

This video shows part 2 and 3 of the protest. The pictures show part 1 and 2.

The result of part 1 of the protest

[Image: 5E28BBDC5DC2326F459F3FBE185C340F1C1F9DED]
[Image: A356D9CE01D4311DCCB0E27997183774E61F616A]
W'sup ye?  TriHard
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I actually didn't spawn the spiders.
But the fact you assumed I did---

I'm hurt.
But also flattered.
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Looks like you guys had fun! Glad staff could be of help, some of us particularly enjoy contributing to an already existing RP experience!  Heart

Yeah it was hella fun, some things maybe weren't played out by the book but the admins handled it well and everyone had fun, even the prefects
W'sup ye?  TriHard
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I wish i was there now.
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Looks like a lot of fun lmao, wish I could have been there.
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