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(08-01-2020, 02:57 PM)Quin Castillo Wrote: The saddest part about this whole situation to me is:

This is like, what, 3rd or 4th topic covering same issue? And there's still no answer from Justin that probably trolling in around different topics with "funny" answers or The Guy from which I expected the most to be involved in this topic, but it seems to me that it's just an answer to my concerns - If money or huge donations are not involved - the topics won't be covered.

The major issue with the whole community is - on the player side/community member - we don't really matter.

I don't expect a lot - that we get informed about every single detail but or all of our appeals, suggestions are getting approved but Pedophilia, CBANs and Unbanns (which seems hilarious to me to), and let's not be scared to call names - Stan might get his unban soon due to his donations, or just because he appealed "seemed apologetic?"

Also. I understand that for some people it's not a serious topic which you can clearly see from their answers but for some that are married, have kids, families - it might be. I personally would like to make sure to my friends or child, are safe playing any kind of game - which in online world I understand, can never be 100% sure about, but in this case where someone is rising concerns it should be taken seriously.

Due to what @Ryte Lionheart  mentioned brings another topic of communication in this community. The issue is - if the Gamemakers and Mods are less than Admins then... where's the community place in all of it? Why even bother having Staff Manager/Community Manager if we never hear from them? Why The Guy is never answering to the things that matters the most?

With the Pedophilia and Cbans - It's just convenient for him to stay quiet cause the law/police in USA might not regulate pedohoplia but in some countries - just rising a small concern about it can start a whole journey of seeking the person, and sometimes even the whole trail.

If SBS is only about money, supers and from what I've seen last month on the server "giving" privileges to some people, that after spending less than 100 hours on server are Master Prestige and doing that "cause you're a girl" or so - is funny to me.

There are so many mistakes that can be fixed but if there's no will on the "Supers" side then it will never happen.

We can spend hours on writing things on this forum, waiting for Justin to reply or Guy himself , which by the way in both cases I don't think it will ever happen, and never solve the issue.

I really don't understand what's the problem to re-writte the rules when it comes to Cbans or let the community know why someone for CBANNED. Let's not be scared to call people that can be threat names. It can help prevent that, it's easier to find their alt accounts if needed, since everything is between community members, on different discord servers, and sometimes even staff members need to ask players to find some informations.

All I want in this case - to make community matter if you're seriously thinking about this server and players. If Supers are not doing their job - they just should be demoted. That's all. I don't really care if there are friendships involved or not, if someone is not doing their job - why bother taking the space for someone who'd make a good effort to actually care about this community.

I'd also like to know @Justin Amendish  and @The Guy  statement on the issues mentioned here in this topic and also others with the Pedophilia involved.

That's it.

I would rather not single someone out, we don't know WHO is calling the shots of not telling.

Also I don't get how people got "Announcing a Cban to Staff" to "UpDaTe mE AbOuT tHe CoMmUnItY 24/7." 

I'd stay away from trying to read instructional manuals tbh

EDIT: @Jack S Enos oof u gonna be ok?
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I think some of you guys are being really really ignorant

A lot of people have made threads just like this, asking for communication, so I don't get what the problem is here. 

Unless it's bc you guys dislike ryte

(08-01-2020, 04:03 PM)Tyrone D Bigeye Wrote: I think some of you guys are being really really ignorant

A lot of people have made threads just like this, asking for communication, so I don't get what the problem is here. 

Unless it's bc you guys dislike ryte

When the topic was made and i was discussing it with people I was saying

"people see it and are like yay another fuck staff topic again +1 ftw

but it's Ryte so -1"

I've come to learn that Ryte's got a lot of history with both the community and former staff members. There are people who don't like how bright the lion's fire burns, or didn't like actions and decisions he made in the past, and will be quick to point out his flaws when they see them. He likely has spoken with another staff members about this issue, who probably also feel the same way, but he's being the one to say something, and feels like this issue won't be resolved at a meeting. In this topic though it's perceived that maybe he wanted to be personally notified that people were being unbanned or cbanned.

This sort of notification would have been a major thing to talk about at this morning's meeting and tomorrow's meeting. 

I think to assuage half of Ryte's concerns, major unbans should be done after Sunday's meetings going forward, and meetings can also serve as a time when current staff can give feedback or dissenting opinions about the unban in an effort to reverse the decision.  Doing this would help make it seem like their voices are being heard.
edit: to add onto this, unbans could be discussed with staff prior to when supers meet. This sort of thing shouldn't be opsec, it shouldn't be a surprise announcement that someone is suddenly unbanned. This is so that people stop feeling like there's just a couple people making the big decisions as maybe they didn't have all the information when the decision was made (easier to have a corrupt chef than it is to have a corrupt kitchen argument). 

The other half of his concern is multi-faceted.
Major bans obviously need to be done when the offending party is deemed guilty. Entering the cban into the logs on discord should be the first step here. For this, I would counsel Ryte to always utilize the search option on discord to search for the person's name just to be sure, and for the person entering the announcements of unbans (on discord) to also include someone's steam ID. I do not think every unban announcement is @ping-worthy, but that's just me. Major cbans need to always be brought up at meetings with reasoning included, and if they aren't it should probably start happening.

Another thing here if I may address Ryte personally, don't get too upset over a little moderation issue. You're taking on more than you have to, which is understandable given your previous roles in the community. I would love to see even half of the energy you are putting forth here going into event making. I love the format of the fight club tournament, but what's next? You're one of the last 3 active GMs on the server, and are active during peak times. Miro and Gina are always doing events when the population is low, and a majority players on server have been thirsting for content.
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Also, you dont need a post explaining why somebody was cbanned, theres the cban list in staff discussions @Ryte Lionheart   unless yall deleted it for some reason  :Thinking:
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(08-01-2020, 04:38 PM)Edgar Nova Wrote: Also, you dont need a post explaining why somebody was cbanned, theres the cban list in staff discussions @Ryte Lionheart   unless yall deleted it for some reason  :Thinking:

I know what you're referring to and it's gone. I didn't say make a post stating why, just stating so and so was.
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is it not like the slightest bit weird or concerning to anyone else that the cban list is gone? just me? okay
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The cban list has been gone forever. Like at least a year and a half. Way before the mass cban thing rn. HOWEVER, I don’t see what’s wrong with cohesive communication. There should be more valid ways for staff to know about this situation. While it seems like it was told in the staff discord that they were told, a lot of people have discord’s muted. I’m one of those people. If it was a talking day, where people sent a lot of messages without it being pinned or pinged for the staff team to see, I can see why it was missed. There was an attempt to be communicated with which is good, but there could have been a better way about going with it. Being told this information is important and it should be explained at staff meetings and added to the meeting notes for details the discord message didn’t have. There is nothing wrong with wanting more communication.
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Ryte i am disappointed in this post and you, instead of coming to Michael or I privately you decided to do it publicly where it became memed on, 
and disrespected. The uncban was mentioned in the discord, the cbans that happened less than 24hours when you made the post weren't. The unban was mentioned after 24 hours, The cbans weren't. Michael and I while talking figured it was the Aux position to do so since it involved the community. Staff? Yes i should mention it. Server? Yes Michael should mention it. Nothing throwing anything at David cause i know he has his hands full. Ryte again. You did this publicly, Which creates more drama than to ask about it privately and to talk to all staff it would of been mentioned at the meeting anyway.After 9 hours after the last cban this was made. Tomorrow is Sunday something absolutely would of been said publicly and i forget where i saw it but the "tell us when you are thinking of cbanning someone" is wrong. if we did that then speculation would get out and it would go sour. Secrets are not good i understand that, Not everything is a secret and to make this to believe it is, is a bit unbelievable and foolish. We would always tell staff what we could and with this again, disappointment and unwariness arises. You're a good GM but sometimes its best to go a separate route than what you think. 

Nobody believes me after i didn't respond to the staff inactivity thread, I talk to all staff privately, public, at the meeting or when i can. I trust and respect my staff, I expect that back if something goes on we talk. Coronavirus going on, School not being in everything leaves to the server being full and staff with other things to do. Hell you can report me for not doing my job but i've done and still doing my darnest to do it. Some staff respect me others despise me it happens, But when it comes to be we act as a team. You should remember this the first week when i was appointed you thought something was the right way when it wasn't.

Let this be known to those who think i am not fit for staff manager or think i am doing stuff wrong. My PM's are open i take feedback. If most feel i am unfit then i will absolutely step down. But i am absolutely willing to take that feedback. I've continue dojng what people have brought forward and thought needed to happen. Those who needed to dealt with were dealt with and warnings and continuned, to some were given out. I talk to my staff. My admins always give their feedback and the mods/gms as well do so too. Its like having advisors. Michael is a great server manager. We talk everyday. But again to do this publicly was foolish, Unacceptable and unneeded. 

Ryte again, You're a cool guy and a great GM this could of gone much different but PM me and we can talk more. anyone and i mean ANYONE can PM me and can talk.

Have this thread locked. 
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This is where some people need to separate themselves from
their computers..

Take a REAL break..

..and see that people make mistakes.

We can get roped up in the wrong crowd.
We can say things that we instantly regret.
We fuck up.

Yes, I understand that some morals that people on this server carry
are WAY higher placed than others,
but we are playing a game here.

A game that has brought all of us together.
From the teenager on his laptop, not wanting to do his homework..
To the E-Girl, just wanting to get a laugh out of all the nerdy guys..
To the middle class worker, who is able to hop on just a few hours a week..
To the ones that hit master prestige in record time.



Keep that in mind.

We are not a team, we are not a faculty..
We are a community.

And sometimes, the community goes through its ups and downs.
But its also up to that community to stick together.

I am posting this purely from my own opinion.
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