Hola me amigos. Should I make an epic comeback?? Yes or no???
Formerly Petty Officer 1st Class Trap | Spartan 056
Former Fireteam Leader - Fireteam Astartes
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Hola Senor
Redgie Sinistra Mjikel
CS 4859 Redgie
Knight LeMesa
Trial Helper 26th Of July 2020
Full Helper 9th of August 2020
Resigned 1st of October 2020
Forum Master
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Houla senior

Guten Tag Fraulein
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hufflepuffPride  Banastre Tarleton DeWitt Kościuszko Woopius hufflepuffPride

-Head of the Kościuszko family, (Former) De Facto Head of the Woopius family & Member of the DeWitt family.

"So the bastard's dead? Too bad we didn't capture him alive!"
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As the silver-tongued tyrants cower,
You are only seen in your darkest hour.
For when regicide has been done
The exiled may return for a redemption run.
For now, I walk this lonely path of anguish
until the wretched daemons are vanquished.
For while the aura of diseases fill our lungs,
I pray for the mistakes that I had begun.
Now this vulture flies its' nest,
And this young girl is put to rest.
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Always trying to improve as a person.
SSGT Elijah 
Non-Commissioned Officer
Military Police - Halo RP
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