Tyr's staff app

(1.) What is your SteamID? - $STEAMID$ 

(1a) What is your most recent ingame name? - Tyrevan Flamel

(1b) What is your current year level in-game? (MUST be 7th to apply.) - Year 1 Prestige 8

(2.) What Timezone do you live in? - GMT+9 (North Korean Standard Time)

(2a) Please put what times you are most active in CST (Chicago US), so the managers know when they can expect to see you. - Yes
(3.) How old are you? - 5

(4.) When did you first join our server and how did you discover it? - Garry's Mod 

(4a) How can we be sure you will stay active and loyal (with your time) to Star by Star? - Bruh i'm very fucking loyal :)

(4b) Do you understand you can be let go at ANY time for inactivity? - No? i do not approve

(5.) Do you understand and agree to not only comply with, but also enforce the rules of the Server when necessary? - Yes

(5a) When listing the rules please explain what they mean to show that you understand them.
 List Rules below:
 1: No mass FS
 2: No Micspam
 3: No Hatespeek
 4: No umm idk i forgot
 5: No RDM
 6: Don't talk shit about Tyr in OOC
 7: Don't ERP (Epic Roleplay)
 8: No hitler salutes
 9: sorry i forgot the rest
 10: of the rules
(5b) Expain what the term "minge" means, when referring to a player on the server - minge is a badass who likes to break rules
(6.) Tell us about yourself and why you want to be staff on SBS? (100 words or less) - Ummm hi, i'm tyr i like to be staff here because i want to enforce rules and stuff and i wanna uhhh yeah i wanna be staff because i just told you why and if i become staff i will do a 5m giveaway to celebrate the great day
(7.) What do you feel you need to improve on the most? - Nothing, i'm perfect
(8.) How would having you on staff benefit our server and what sets you apart from the rest of the applicants? - Yes
(9.) Have you been staff/are currently on any other servers? If so, which ones? (List them if possible) - Yes, on this SBS server soon :)
(10.) Have you ever been banned on any Garrys Mod/SBS servers? If yes, then please list when, how long, and the reason. - Yes, i got beaned for one dey for respect
(11.) Are the Server staff or the players more important? Why? - Staff are more important, players are useless
(12) How would you rate your skills overall out of 10 (EX: Patience, response time, etc) - Yes
(13.) If you do not know how to handle a situation in a mod-sit, what do you do? - I give up on the situation and just issue a 1 day ban
(14.) You understand and realize, that by applying for staff on the server also means, that you are sacrificing the complete freedom of being able to RP freely all the time without any interruptions, and are obligated to handle all server issues at hand no matter the situation? - Wtf no please i like my freedom 

(15.) Please make a list of all previous staff applications, a link to them, and the reason they were locked. If they were accepted, please give a short explanation of why you are no longer staff. (Disregard if this is your first application) - no

-1 you stink.
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(08-14-2020, 11:25 AM)Duck Wrote: -1 you stink.

fuck u very much i am gonna be a good fuckng staff i swear

As a 5 year old you would be the youngest on the team, but I don't want people to call me ageist so +1

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not colorful enough +1

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(08-14-2020, 11:30 AM)Etlenor Wrote: not colorful enough +1

It’s true he said it on mine too lol +1
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(08-14-2020, 11:29 AM)STEAM_0:1:1270655 Wrote: As a 5 year old you would be the youngest on the team, but I don't want people to call me ageist so +1

Did u just assume his age? How do you know it's not 5 days?! What a fucking agist.

I smell Broomhandle 

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Give the Fat Yellow Bitch Trial Gamemaker 


Good Luck!
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+1 will totally not spectate the people he doesn't like 24/7

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