Pvt. Malito perma ban appeal

+1 i agree with him on what he said that he doesn't do the same mistake twice, if it's true then i stand with my vote.
there is no proof of him doing what he did apart from he said and she said, he has put a lot of effort trying to explain which means he is sorry.
he has confessed everything he did in the past if it's true then what he said about the present can also be true.

there is no evidence from both sides.

(08-25-2020, 10:06 PM)Edgar Nova Wrote: +1, free this man he just had something in his throat

What edgar said, +1

(08-26-2020, 09:30 PM)Hawt Business Wrote: You know what? You would be right if I did something to warrant a ban. I don't recall calling 2 people the "F" word that day. I only recall getting gagged for making mouth sounds for about 7 minutes getting ungagged and then getting perma banned. If Dusk or anyone that was there at the time has a video or some sort of proof of me talking to those 2 mystery people then I would love to see it. But until then I know what I did and several others do too.

Good thing you were there, right Jack? Wait a minute... You weren't, so I don't exactly see how you would be of any help. Because I have been banned in the past is not a reason to ban me for not breaking any rules in the present. I don't see why my punishment was so severe as I didn't break a single rule the entire day I was playing.

Let me know because right now it's a he said she said situation and I havent seen any proof to convict me otherwise.

I was staff and I remember when a Manager said if you are to be banned again, it would remain truly permanent. You can explain as much as you want and try to wiggle your way out of this one but it's not going to work with me, you've been given many chances, you never learn, you aren't here for any good reasons, you don't RP, you break the rules and you like to cause trouble which isn't needed, I've had to warn you myself before when I was GM and that's when no disciplinary staff was on. You should remain banned, the staff have given you many chances and you've blown them all. I might've not been there but I know what
you're like and when I use to be a GM, you still use to break the rules. You saying you being banned shouldn't have a reason as to why you was banned in this situation is completely wrong because warnings, kicks and bans are logged for a reason within staff, that's so they can get a better perspective on who they are dealing with and I'm pretty sure every staff member knows what you're like.
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Jack, you downvote nearly every single one of my posts. Of course explaining my situation and trying to give you a better understanding of what happened wouldn't work on you. You are obviously biased one way or the other along with Dusk. I role play out every single situation I get myself into. I never break character when i'm playing and you guys don't know how to deal with that so you try to weasel your way out of playing the situation out. Going out of character 40 times an hour isn't role playing sorry to break it to you. I am a Marine who is known to be stupid, yeah i'm going to say some stupid shit and do some stupid shit every once in a while. I didn't decide to play Halo RP because I like to chat with strangers, I came here to have some fun rarely at others expense. Tell me is going over the speed limit in a video game and getting sent to jail enough to feel you never want to see me again?

You said that the next ban should be permanent and I agreed with you. However getting banned in this instance I do not. I was banned for practically no reason by a person who wont even spend 15 minutes to reply on this thread. He will hand out a permanent ban in a matter of minutes yet he won't spend an equal amount of time to tell me why.

You also said you have warned me in the past. Let me ask you this, after the warn did I do it again? No... You guys take me as a unreasonable person yet I might be one of the most reasonable people on the server. You never try to talk to me and when you do it's either a threat to ban me or a kick.

don't need someone I have met maybe 4 times to preach to me about who I am and what I can do. You also say i'm not here for any good reason. What reason were you here? To make events a few times a week? To ban people you deem to be in the wrong? You need to get out of that superiority complex and tell me what I've done wrong in this case to get perma banned. Because so far no one has explained that to me.

 There is no way I could have called 2 people the "F" word in the time I was on plus I think I would've remembered that. Dusk is the only one to mention it and I was only around him for maybe 10 to 15 minutes and was gagged for more than half of that time. Along with the fact that I had done none of the things that I was banned for that day. I feel like he is making this up to justify my ban.

Ban is being reduced to 2 weeks.

Ban was given out on August 11th.

So you will be unbanned on Now.

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What a guy! Appreciate it.

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