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You're a cool kid, I don't have any personal problems with you, however, you have been getting some concerning anger issues. I have them too, but you let certain people and insults get to you too easily. You didn't have them before as far as I remember, but for the past few months, you've been showing them quite a lot. About the actual server, I don't know how good of a game maker and player you are, so I'm going to stick with a Neutral. Good luck.

Your application has been Denied.

Activity was brought into question.

Your time as a GM was mentioned.
RP names:
GEN. Sable
LTG Sable 'Aura' (Resigned from position. First highcomm on the server. (Application process.)
1LT Noa 'Aura' Mathilde (506th)
HCAP Noa 'Aura' Mathilde (NAVSPECWAR7)
RADM 'Aura' (SOAS)

WO|Ildria-S075 (Overseer)
SO Socii Aurian Delkamee (SS)
HG Campion Aurian Delkamee (Honor Guard)
Commander Carter (First and last Carter)
Ensign Aura (First leader of AF)
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