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            First, a foreword. This document will be the home to summaries from events in my final storyline on the server before I resign from the position of gamemaker. I started out as a gamemaker in March of 2019 with a small break that lasted from May to June, I have held this position now for more than a year consecutively. For this final storyline I want to revisit some of my favorite events and other storylines that I have hosted in the past and connect them all together. The storyline will conclude somewhere towards the middle or end of October/November.

[Event 1] – August 9th 2020 – Mission FailureThe first mission for a newly promoted Admiral Krost aboard his flagship the Venator Genesis, Republic Intel tracked down an infamous CIS General (General Selachimorpha), who had been terrorizing Republic ships in the Outer Rim. Troopers were ordered to take the General alive with no exception. What happened instead was a Jedi by the name of [REDACTED] killed the General while he was cornered in a tent and posed no threat. Although the target was killed the mission was not a total loss and brought the Republic some intel on CIS Army positioning on multiple planets.

[Event 2] – August 10th 2020 – Mission Success – With the newly found intel from the General’s quarters the Republic was able to track a high risk target to a CIS installation on Talus. Troopers searched the installation and found the target and were able to assassinate him, the base was cleared and dismantled, more targets expected to be eliminated in the near future.

[Event 3] – August 19th 2020 – Mission Success –  Troopers assaulted a CIS Communications Moon base in order to prepare for a large scale invasion against the CIS in the next few weeks. The communications relay was destroyed, and the base cleared for occupation by the Grand Army of the Republic. Side Note: A mysterious child arrived in a ship during the assault and managed to kill multiple clones before escaping

[Event 4] – August 29th 2020  – Partial Failure – The Mysterious figure from the previous mission was tracked to a CIS compound near the moon base, the resulting mission was to capture or kill the target. It was revealed to be a trap and all troopers had to evacuate to the Genesis and defend against incoming CIS forces. Side Note: The mysterious child seems to be collecting data on all previous missions lead by Admiral Krost. This probably will not mean much but is still interesting, nevertheless.

[Event 5] – September 3rd 2020 – Mission Success –  Troopers were sent to a planet with a recent sighting of the Karkarodon. The CIS on this planet had enslaved a small village of Rodians and were torturing them, CIS forces were dealt with and a secret facility was discovered underneath a gas station. Whoever was working in this facility found a way to bring back the dead as the troopers breaching into the facility were greeted by multiple dead clone personnel brought back to attack their own brothers.

[Event 6] – September 22nd 2020 – Mission Success – Recently, Naval Command lost contact with Admiral Krost before he was supposed to attend a summit of naval officers, when he did not show up they searched his residence and found out that he had been kidnapped. They had no idea who it was until they had received a mysterious message from a CIS commander in a base somewhere in the Outer Rim.  The following mission saw an invasion force assault the CIS base and try to rescue the Admiral. They had been keeping him in a system of underground tunnels. Troopers swiftly secured the Admiral and he is now recuperating Side Note: The Admiral says that the person who had kidnapped him was the Karkarodon who has been seen on previous missions

[Event 7] – TBD

[Event 8] – TBD

[Event 9] – TBD

I have no clue where I am going with this but I intend to make it as interesting as possible when it actually ends
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Neat,  I always think that it is interesting when gamemakers compile their story lines.  It gives people a way to know how things flow together.
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