Halo Bulletin 14th September 2020

SBS Halo News V12


A look back over everything that happened this weekish on SBS Halo RP


Trial News

Halio will continue onto their third week as trial gamemaker
Charlotte will continue onto their second week as trial gamemaker
Michigan will continue onto their second week as trial moderator


North will be standing in for Aura as Halo Staff Manager


Aura is now on LOA
K2 is now on LOA


This week's updates are just balance changes, touchups, and minor bugs.

Other Notable Mentions

Aura has been deployed in the army.
While he is gone North will be stepping in for him.
Aura will not have access to their phone for the duration of his deployment.
He has flown to Germany and will be going from there and will be gone for about a month.
We wish him well and hope he returns soon and well.

Final Words

Good luck to Michigan, Charlotte, and Halio while they are on their respective 
Our best wishes to Aura while they are deployed. We hope they return soon.
Please thank North for stepping up and being Head of Roleplay and Staff Manager. The amount he does for the server is phenomenal.
We are currently accepting staff applications for gamemakers and moderators. If you are interested make an application on the forums or contact a staff member for more info
We remind you all to enjoy your time and respect one another as we're all here to have fun and role play.
Take it easy
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Yoo manz in Germany. Thanks for the update Jackie
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holy shit, they're small now

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