Lydia Snow's Maker of Games Application

+1 from me 

Been playing long enough to know the rules, and did a great job hosting great hall.

Good luck!
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+1 Lydia has always put her best efforts in anyway she does and always does great. As far as bais goes, we all have them, what matters is how it is addressed. If bias is something you struggle certain people, if possible it can help to step back and allow someone else who can make an impactial decision handle stuff. Anyways Lydia you have what it takes, good luck Heart
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I'd like to quickly reply now that it isn't considered bumping, to address my activity!

This past week I've been very sick, even my friends know that I could hardly get out of bed. I did however test negative for COVID, but I still do feel pretty crappy. I try to get on as much as I can, now that Im starting to feel better :) 

Also today Im a bit busy but I will be having guests over, so I won't be able to put much time on the server. 

I thought I'd just update you all, and thank you for all the positive replies  <3
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Congratulations, you have been made Trial Gamemaker, Please contact me ASAP regarding the position.

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