Updates from the Week of 9/21/2020

Hello Everyone, see our week's patch notes!

Server Changes:
1. medics no longer have rifles and instead have the DC-15 sidearm (we are looking for something non-combat related to add to their kit, and are currently testing some options)
2. Torrent Company have defuse tools and will now handle EOD until a more suitable candidate is found
3. New Map!

Quality of Life Updates:

1. PvP will now be hosted
every Wednesday Evening from 4-6pm EST (we can change this timeframe as needed). That way anyone interested in PvP knows when to get on every week to play
Every Sunday from 6pm-7pm starting tomorrow I will be hosting Event Suggestion Meetings in discord.
I will be in the Month of Updates VC for this full hour so that you can come in and give me your suggestions verbally (for those of you who do not want to post on forums/send me a message). If this overlaps with an event at any time we will go ahead and schedule for either before or after said event based on how early in advance it is scheduled. I will try to have a gamemaker or 2 present to directly answer questions as well.

As always, PM me or use the forums if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. I am here as a resource and look forward to working with our amazing staff team to provide content you want to participate in. Thank you to everyone who came on for the campaign today, and I look forward to developing more content.
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