[Hogwarts RP] Hogsmeade Map Development Reveal

This map looks like its going to be amazing and I can't wait to be able to play on it. Thank you Guy and Shy for putting work into this, Its going to be amazing. Man even made his own clay. Thats dedication right there. Can we get a playdough model though? Id like a pink hogsmeade.

[Image: 46-465212_play-doh-png-transparent-play-doh-clipart.png]
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So it’s finally time
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@Shy you're too much brother

How I've only just seen this is shocking lmao, this looks great! Can't wait to be running around on this map!

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Looks amazing can't wait to play on it :)
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Dont remember if i commented on this already dont kill me

I really like the roleplay aspect in the bars, i can already see people roleplaying as bartenders, and it being the main hangout spot. This looks insanely good and made me decide not to make a drastic decision, thank you.
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Question is .. When will we get to explore it! 
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This looks amazing and I am grateful you guys are working on it

It brings nostalgia and when it does then it means it will be awesome! I can imagine some RP scenarios going on and Fred and George shop

Can't wait to see it!

Wow! Can't wait to get lost in Hogsmeade!!!
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