Prefecting Master Class: RDA-releasing and etiquette

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This post is directed at everyone on server. While this post acknowledges people who put others in detention randomly and people who get put into detention randomly, then released immediately, this is more about establishing some level RDA-release etiquette, whether intentional or not intentional. 

Scenario: Person 1 RDA's or puts Person 2 into detention and !rd's them right away. No one usually reports this relatively minor infraction, and even if they did you can just say it was a misclick or honest fun, so it's the one bit of minging people can get away with since it's almost impossible to prove, especially with no one witnessing it. 

But wait, there is a witness. They've been there the whole time, and you probably didn't even know that they existed.

You put the person in, then you instantly !rd them. The situations where this happens is countless. You could have hit the wrong person by accident and don't want to inconvenience them any more than they already are. They may have brought up some old inside joke and you hit them with the baton, or you may have caught them fairly after they FS'd you. The person you put in may have also been merciful in their prefecting position to you in the past, so you are returning the favor. They might have even had a DOS on them (false or not), but you caught them while they were sitting down or saw no evidence of an offense being committed, and due to the lack of sport you decide to !rd them. An RDM was not committed on your part, you clearly aren't farming frags. No harm, no foul, right? Your friend is back to you within 20 seconds, and it's as if they never left. 

POV2- (the "victim") 
You or your friend were put in, then instantly taken out. It was probably a good laugh too, or you probably deserved it. You may have actually deserved to go in longer because you were running around freespelling for the last half hour, but the act of catching you is known to get you to stop, so you were released early on good behavior and without anything needing to be said.  

POV3- (the !rd "witnesses") 
A person or handful of people, newer to the server, are in detention for some reason. They're there, and the offense that put them there might have been as minor as cutting class, speaking during PTS, or even FSing. Maybe they were RDA'd and don't really deserve to be there. One thing for certain, though, is that if you were in their position with the knowledge you have now, you probably wouldn't have gotten arrested. 

Making the most of their time while in detention, these people try talking to everyone who comes through, trying to figure out who is down there and maybe attempting to get to know them and make new friends. In essence, they're trying to RP. Before the person who comes into detention even gets a chance to respond (POV2), they disappear without ever having said a thing. 

It may have been you or someone else who put them in, but they see you or your friend get put in and pulled out several times during the course of their detention. Maybe they're having a shitty day on server, or maybe you or your friend who is appearing in the logs in particular gave them a bad experience. To be honest, you might not actually care about this other person, you just want to get back to the situation you were pulled out of asap.

The witnesses who see someone get taken out of detention immediately after coming in, start to wonder why that other person is getting preferential treatment while they have to sit in silence. Filling in the gaps with their time, they start to discover either through the logs, or by seeing in the bottom corner, that friends of the people who keep coming in and out are releasing them from detention as fast as they are getting put in, and they're not wrong! 

The main issue here is that these other players don't realize that you either weren't placed there for no reason, or your prior history with the person who put you in, and assume that the only reason you got taken out is because you are friends with a prefect. 

The message: 

There is a large void in understanding between POV1/2 <----> POV3

POV1 and 2 (the person who "accidentally arrested" and the person who was "accidentally" arrested) need to remember: If you RDA someone, or are RDA'd by someone, you're potentially being pulled into new situations and need to answer for it in some way, and should start accounting for the third party (POV3).

This void between POV1/POV2 and POV3 can be filled by saying a few words to the people you find in detention in the short time you have before getting released (by POV2). 

POV2: Saying something as simple as "I was put here by accident but I messaged the person who put me in and they are fixing it" to the people trying to talk with you can go a long way in preventing resentment from POV3 from occurring. You might even make a new friend, or discover that there's some prefect on the server who is being legitimately abusive or not issuing warnings before people are getting sent in who needs to be dealt with. 

Even if it was a friend who put you in, don't even mention that it was a friend- just tell them that you messaged the prefect in PMs and they are fixing it. don't just laugh and say "It's fine, my friend did it and is getting me out. I'm leaving in a second anyways-" that's probably one of the worst things you can say. Let the people who you find, and who find you, at least see some example of effort coming from you occurring, you can even use it as a teaching opportunity to explain to them how to message prefects, or find out who put them in detention in the first place through the console.  

POV1: you might need to wait a few seconds longer, or start waiting for people to ask to be released, before you begin issuing the instant !rd command from now on to give the person you put in a moment to explain why they're in detention to the people you forced them into a situation with, especially if people are getting put in detention a lot. If you plan on RDing them instantly, you absolutely need to say something in OOC so that the people you don't usually account for in detention (POV3) have some idea of what's going on, and so they don't automatically jump to thinking that you're abusing prefect powers. Instead of quickly using the !rd command, try communicating something like "// Missclick, let me know when you're ready to come out" or "// Got you, are you going to behave?" and waiting for the response is a more appropriate first step most of the time. "// Sorry X, that was a misslick. I'll get you out of detention right away" is probably acceptable as it informs the third POV, but you should still have the person you put in ask for the !rd. 

I would say the exception is when you know no one is in detention, or the ones in detention are clearly AFK/haven't noticed the person who was RDA'd, and this is somehow known beforehand, possibly through meta information (ex. voice chat on discord, ooc, knowing the logs of who has been in detention over the past 5 minutes). 

Thanks for your time!

P.S. I don't expect any major changes to occur. This is meant to be an informative post about the third perspective that many people either don't relate with, or forget existed. If anything here was eye opening, or you feel additions or changes should be made, let me know! 
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Prefecting Master Class: RDA-Releasing and Etiquette

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this definitely would've been a great help when I first started prefecting

having to learn prefecting the hard way was very strenuous and a daunting task

I can only imagine how much easier it would be having this information as new prefect
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One of the best info not-so guide on Prefect recruits.
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