Joe Mason Stood By as I got abused as a teacher

(10-09-2020, 08:32 AM)Frederick Drakhart Wrote: Do you guys seriously believe I was the only person who was breaking the rules at the time? Really because that seems to be what you are saying. Yes, I was angry but you would be too if people weren't listening to you and were ardming and free spelling you when you are an RP leader. So don't pretend you wouldn't also be angry in my situation. And as it turns out that footage is valid it just doesn't show nostral. The reason why that is is that is as it happens I stopped live streaming right before the class started where Nostral and Joe failed to do their duty as staff members on the server. Why is it that people always assume the worst of me on this forum and always assume that I'm in the wrong when I make a staff report? Yes, I got angry but there are reasons why people get angry. I mean seriously how would any of reacting if multiple people were free spelling, disrespecting you, rdming and ardming you constantly, not mention a couple of people at the time told me to suck their privates. I find it extremely infuriating that you don't consider my attitude towards that situation as relatable or even slightly sympathetic. So imagine if you were in my shoes when you were trying to have a good time on the server and then people kept breaking important server rules and not only do the prefects who are literally right there do pretty much nothing about it the staff that are also there don't take those rulebreakers into sits. So you saw the video. Yes, you saw me break some minor rules. But then again if you saw the video you would've seen the massive amount of failrp, ERP. ardm, rdm, disrespect, and free spelling going on that was not done by me. So do you think it's fair to let those who did that staff who I have recorded get away with it?

Again- I wasn't on until that last class, after this video ended. So it is an invalid report on me, since the video doesn't even show what I could've fixed. I wasn't on until near the end of that last class. All I saw in the class I witnessed were students who didn't want to listen to their professor yell. You weren't teaching, or even making an attempt. All of us staff had to teach a lot at some point, as the community likes to see how they can handle a large group of people who may potentially just want to break rules. People don't normally yell at their students though, I mention this because it is relatable to how frustrating it can be to teach a difficult class, however I have never yelled at students before. Also from what I witnessed in the last class you taught, that was for prefects to handle. You are not a god as a professor, you have to work with your prefects.
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Joe did nothing wrong that entire video while you did, He can take sits but it is not required as he is a GM. You didn't even say anything in @ chat, Most of this can be solved within RP.

We are not icefuse as I stated before, You said you are "seriously" roleplaying which i doubt 100% the snowball effect started because you're the one who started it all.

No punishment or talk will be handed out to Joe or Astral.

No punishment will be given to the OP. They thought they were in the right, they weren't, But for those who replied to this report he has seen your comments, He had also tried to apologize to Joe. I think he has learned his lesson.

Report is denied.
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