Exploring the Abyss: The Shadow Broker Series

(OOC) This is a set of events I am currently hosting on CWRP, and here is a recap of what has gone on so far.

Day 0 - Whiterock Keep:

The infamous Republic prison Whiterock Keep went silent for several days and Admiral Fish sent a team to investigate. It turned out that vermin had cut through the cables, but it was discovered that the bodies in the area were killed by blaster wounds, not the insects. Several investigative steps later, the troops learned that the warden of Whiterock Keep, Sullen Summers, had been torturing prisoners and selling the secrets to the highest bidder, all while selling prisoners to the Trandoshan slaver organization Red Eclipse. The Warden escaped, and we then learned that in the criminal underworld he is known as the Shadow Broker.

Day 15 - Coruscant Underworld, Sector AZ-9Q:

After finally decrypting the data logs stored at Whiterock Keep, we determined that the Shadow Broker used a series of middlemen on Coruscant to peddle information without having to meet any contacts directly. A Republic raid team was sent down into the city to determine the contacts. We found that pilots at Dock Aurek had been accepting credits to smuggle data drives off planet, and that the master server that the Shadow Broker was using was in a safety deposit box in the Bank of Coruscant. Our troops disguised themselves as mercenaries and broke into the bank, capturing the data packet and leaving all Coruscant Security forces alive (albeit stunned). 

Day 40 - Planet Jurix 

With almost 3 weeks of 24/7 analysts working on the decryption scheme, we were able to decode the Shadow Broker's comm frequency. He was broadcasting on his channel that his ship had crashed on Jurix and that pirates were closing in on him. When our troops arrived, we met heavy pirate resistance, and upon reaching the bridge of his ship, we learned that it was a trap and the CIS had been alerted that the troops were planetside. We were able to track the signal to a bunker near the crash site, and there we discovered one of the Shadow Broker's underlings, who activated the comm relay on the planet and gave us a transcript of the data that had been beamed from that station.

Our analysts at Clone Intelligence are currently working on decoding the Jurix data, but I am sure we are hot on the Shadow Broker's Trail. He may think he has won, but crime never pays. 

Day 45 - Malastare 

The comm traffic gathered on Jurix indicated that the Shadow Broker used a financier by the name of Horgen Joult on Malastare to broker dealings between him and his clients. Luckily, Malastare is Republic territory, so we were able to rapidly deploy a response force to his villa out in the oceanic region. His estate was equipped with a well-armed security force, unaffiliated with the Republic which immediately raised suspicion. The GAR troops were able to override the villa security systems and access all of Joult's financial ledgers. Unfortunately Joult did not live to stand trial for his crimes. We are currently sifting through the accounting documents to determine which accounts were paying out to the Shadow Broker. 

Day 60 - Vandor

The ledgers led the battle group to Vandor, where we were sent to intercept infamous pirate Dharma Bareesh. We were successful in capturing the starship graveyard and capturing Dharma. Unfortunately, Dharma was able to capture and execute Lieutenant Gears of the 104th Battalion. Republic asset Captain Tarkartan was instrumental in capturing Dharma alive, he will be put to trial soon. Before deployment, my office was broken into by bounty hunters, namely Cad Bane. Bane was able to access my holoterminal and download the files I have regarding the Shadow Broker. Fortunately the copies were not erased, but we have lost our advantage.

Admiral Fish Signing Off.
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