Halo Bulletin 17th October 2020

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A look back over everything that happened over the past week on SBS Halo RP

"All the things changing"


Trial News

Blair will continue onto their final week of trial game maker
Pluk will continue onto their final week of trial game maker
Jekster passed his trial to become a full game maker


Aura will be resigning from Staff Manager once a new one has been chosen and trained.

LOAs and Low-Activity's

Jekster is on Low-Activity
Mann is on Low-Activity
Halio is on Low-Activity
Rocky is on Low-Activity
ACE is on LOA
Pluk is on LOA
Jack "Wolf" is on LOA
Fera is on LOA


Patch Prepatch

AR Echo 

- 25% condenced spread

- Ease of use fix to allow this AR to better compete with the delta

AR Delta 

- no changes 


 - lower damage drop off per 1 unit

 - fires 2 bullets instead of 1

 - damage set to 13 x 2 

This should increase hit reg on moving targets with the smg at its optimal range

SMG Burst: 

- Increased RPM

- Fires two bullets instead of 1

Damage set to 17 x 2

this should increase the SMG's stopping power and allow it to be used as an emergency/ quick damage weapon


- slight firerate increase 

- slight accuracy increase per bullet

9 x 20 / 150 -> 8 x 20 / 160

BR Standard

- increase to firerate

- increase to round burst time 550 -> 600

this should allow the br to dish out more consistent feeling damage 


- increase to firerate

- increase to round burst time 550 -> 600

- decrease in scope magnification 140 -> 50


- No changes 


- Decrease in scope range 200 -> 90


Name change -> m6S SOCOMM 

Increase in fire rate 300 -> 325

increase in damage 90 -> 100

Range increase 25%

Shotgun Burst

- Fire rate decrease 

(was bugged)

Shotgun Slug

Changed from 1 pellet @ 500 dmg -> 5 Pellets @ 250

should increase hit reg per shot while increasing damage

Mag reduction from 8 -> 4 to decrease loading time and weapon prolonged effectiveness

All snipers

Damage 300 -> 800

change to hit-scan -1

ammo reduced to 80

Various job fixes for better weapon assignment not limited to 

Marine Delta

Marine Officer

ONI Spartan

If you have any suggestions to add to the server, any feedback about changes to the server, or any bug reports dm Kelval on discord or leave them on the forums under Server Suggestions.

Here is a format you may use for this:

Job that the weapon is on (yours only):

Click right here to go to that now!

Staff Manager Applications Now Open

Staff Manager Applications are now open
Our old and crunchy Staff Manager Aura will be leaving the staff team.
He will remain the staff manager of Halo until a new candidate is chosen and trained.
No need to say farewell just yet.
Go ahead and head over to Community Staff Applicatons and apply if you feel you'd be a good fit.
Just fill out the format, and you're all good. Kelval and Aura will then ask questions on your application and others will vote on it and leave feedback.
We wish everyone good luck on their applications.
Remember, you do not need to be a member of the staff team to apply.

Other Notable Mentions

Swords of Sangheilios Ship Master Kelval 'Dafamai has been promoted to Zealot
Swords of Sangheilios General Rahkee has been promoted to Ship Master
Swords of Sangheilios  Commander Fera has been promoted to General

Kelval will be retiring as a Zealot and the reign of the SoS will now belong to the new Sos High Command Member Ship Master Rahkee

Slay our enemies in the name of your new Ship Master!

Final Words

Good luck to Blair, and Pluk while they are on their final trial week.
Congratulations to Jekster on passing their trial!
We are currently accepting staff applications for moderators and gamemakers. If you are interested make an application on the forums or contact a staff member for more info.
You can also click here to go straight to applications!
We remind you all to enjoy your time and respect one another as we're all here to have fun and role play.
In this ever-changing time, we hope to keep the fun coming.
Take it easy
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