Etlenor's Ban Appeal

Gonna say -1 Etlenor. You know what you did, but the decision is ultimately up to Jacob. smh
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+1 it seemed like a few unfortunate misclicks
me irl

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(10-17-2020, 03:40 PM)Gwendolyn Rose Wrote: I think I was online when this happened? (unless if it was another incentnt I am thinking of..) I remember someone mass killing with plummeto at the QP and getting banned by Jacob for it lol. 

In that case I know they asked the person to stop and then they did it again. (Given I think it was all DF.. But still everyone purposely grouped up for it lol) 

IF I am mixing up my events I apologize 

Neutral to unban/reduction (Because I not reading 4 pages of shit show comments - my memory is poor - but you should also know better than to rdm lol) 

Appeal denied

The quote above is such a bad sign, the fact that people are unsure which instance of mass rdm you are appealing for both which are literally 3 weeks apart is bad. 
Regardless of whether or not your appeal is genuine you broke it with the intention " eh I won't get caught" or
"I'll just appeal it and get unbanned"
When you've served longer, you'll understand better not to break rules.

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