Speedy Ban Apeal

Yeah this appeal isn’t apologetic, putting the mod in detention in a sit wasn’t the best decision you made. Garbo is right this does seem like a joke appeal.

I’m sorry speedy but it’s -1 for me.
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“Thinking about doing it again” is an automatic -1 from me because you didn’t learn shit from what caused you to get the ban. 
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I would definitely seek a concrete answer from @Jenny Kraig

This ban does not sound like it had "appeal opportunity".

I understand that you enjoy playing on the server,

but make sure you follow the rules when you do so.

I'm a -1 on this, and I hope you learn something!
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Don't be mean to Volde
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You don't even look apologetic. This is more of a joke ban appeal than it seems.
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I mean tbf it was pretty funny, but the ban reason was lillll different LUL

-1 cmon man just be good boi when you come back
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Ban Apple DENIED 

You can take a chill break from the server and take the L 

You shouldn't be coming back from the ban just to do the same thing again if you continue to do this again when you come back from your ban it'll be extended.

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Sorry, appeal denied by Jenny.
Thread Locked
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