Ryte Lionheart Staff Report

The only person who crossed a line in those screenshots was you bringing up all that personal stuff everything Ryte said was just banter. You're lucky Ryte told the other staff members not to worry about it since you probably would have been pulled and banned. The biggest issue with Ryte is how much he used kekw in those screenshots.

-1 on this report
+1 for @Ryte Lionheart to be talked to about his kekw addiction  
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You're really going to staff report Ryte for his banter and at the worst saying he fucked your mom, when you literally brought up personal shit and even tried to pull me into it? Like dude I wasn't even part of this (or even online) and you chose to disrespect me. If you're going to staff report Ryte for his behaviour, then Justin might as well also look at the evidence on you as a player report. But, again, that'd be stupid, just as stupid as your report is on him.

-1 As Myranda said, we're not in customer service, you don't get to walk all over us just because we're staff.
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So I read the entire thing and at no point did you ask Ryte to stop. 
The existence of this topic serves as the request for him to stop the argument that already passed, and to not start it up in the future, and nothing more.
It did not need to escalate to the forums like this, but you felt the need to post it so here we are. 
 For this to have been actionable, you need to have voiced a complaint for him to stop talking to you like that in ooc. 
You only invited more banter by responding to what he was saying with more banter. 
You went from a 5/10 to a 10/10 on the ridiculousness scale by insinuating he was racist, this was probably the clearest signal you gave to him for him to stop the conversation due to the quality of insults that were being flung his way and it's no surprise he logged off after it. 
I'm also curious to why you decided to talk about Tate like that but that pattern of behavior coming from you is a separate issue. 

I see you never studied the argument pyramid I sent you and still resort to name calling and ad hominem attacks. For your reference, and because you removed me off Steam, here it is again: 

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It is not entirely unexpected for Ryte to give back the same level of argument as what he is dealt with.
If you asked him to stop and he continued, I would have given a +1, but there is some degree of entrapment here.
You only added fuel to the fire and continued to escalate the harassment and conflict as you typically do.
When you insinuated he was racist, that was his signal to stop. Continuing to banter after long after that point would have been unprofessional on his part.
He dealt back the same level of argument that you used against him. 
Problem is, you don't know how to handle being on the losing side of an argument
and namecalling and personal attacks not actually working
You continuously expect for people to dig their own graves by responding to your personal attacks.
This pattern of behavior coming from you really needs to stop.
Even if this wasn't something that you already have a history of doing to other players this report would still be getting an objective -1 from me. 
Edit: incomplete evidence also adds to the weight of -1 from me even though what you wanted to report him for is clearly shown in the report. 
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You have a tendency to do these things. You start stuff and continue going and always think that the other person did worse. 

Based on the screenshots, you started it, Ryte responded, you then felt the need to bring in Ariel. Saying Ryte is racist based on that is a rather far stretch. 
Could Ryte of stopped sooner? Sure. You didn't even need to continue but you did and you were in the wrong 20x more. Actually, you were in the wrong 100% more. Ryte didn't do anything wrong to warrant
a report. 

I don't believe this should be open a second more than it needs to be.

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