Wargames taking place 11/8 - Accepting Teams Now!

I am happy to announce that we will be bringing back Wargames as the last event in the SBS Giveaway week.

Wargames will take place on 11/8 starting at 5pm EST. Each battalion will have the opportunity to make a team of 4 and face off in a best of 3 series of matches.

The playoff series will be a best of five games, and the final will be a best of 7. Don't wanna play with your batt? Well guess what, you can also make a custom team of 4, but I recommend looking battalion-wise first. One team member needs to check in via DM or on the server at 4PM EST on 11/8, and the bracket will be announced at 4:45pm EST. All players are welcome!
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Wargames always brings a Divide among the players. A divide that promotes competition and learning.. 

Eh never mind that Im ready for some pvp.
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