The November Update: CWRP

Hello everyone! 

I am happy to announce our Fall Update has gone live as of the morning of 11/2/2020.

1. The objective waypoint system (shout out to Ace/Sparks for making a great addon!)
    This addon allows for gamemakers and officers to outline objectives on the map for battalions to have precise locations to move to, attack, defend, etc. (image is bad because I am bad)
[Image: Waypoint.JPG]

2. Say goodbye to the PAC AT-RT, the LFS AT-RT is here! 
    ARF will now have access to the LFS AT-RT, which should correct for the... "incidents" that we have seen using the PAC AT-RT 

3. The "new" LFS TX-130 Sabre Tank and LFS AAT, and the introduction of the LFS BARC Speeder
    With an update to the LFS vehicle packs, the TX-130 and AAT now have a new LFS model and weapons similar to the PAC versions, but now the TX returns its second seat beam cannon as well as it is now able to be picked up by the LAAT/C. BARC speeders will now include their LFS variants as we continue to move away from PAC. 
[Image: New_Vehicles.JPG]

4. I present to you... the Arquitens Class Cruiser 
   In an attempt to create larger vehicle classes to compete with the AES muni and captor class, we now will be adding the very well-armed Arquitens and Consular class cruisers. The Arquitens comes with 4 heavy laser batteries and boasts 45,000 HP, whereas the captor includes 5 rapid-fire laser cannons. These should really diversify the way pilots engage larger ships, as well as provide alternatives for heavy ground fire support.
[Image: Cruisers.JPG]
5. New maps designed with GM Creativity in mind
   This update includes three new maps: Flatgrass_rain, Asteroid Field, and Starfield. These maps are large and generally empty, giving GMs the opportunity to capitalize on creativity and build dupes without worrying about the venator getting in the way as well as giving different scenery for fully custom event dupes. We look forward to seeing where the creativity ceiling goes! 

6. The new LFS AI Turrets
  While the heavy CIS anti air is a beast and a useful tool, it will now be supplemented with a new series of turrets that can be filtered to engage either air, ground, or player targets (or a mix of the three), as well as modifiable range and turn distance. These will be instrumental in making areas easier to secure or harder to take, as well as the fact that they can be placed **virtually** anywhere.
[Image: Turrets.JPG]

Other updates:
1. Pilot officers will now have access to the pilot officer job which includes the same gear that officers get 
2. Updated access for pilots to the new vehicles (tx130, droid pilot to new AAT)
3. Continued map rotation 

We are excited about this new update, and as always, do not hesitate to reach out if there are any questions or concerns, as well as if there is anything you would like to see updated!
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