Halo Bulletin 8th November 2020

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A look back over everything that happened over the past week on SBS Halo RP

"Week of Rewards"


Trial News

Ferret/Nova has been accepted as our newest Trial Moderator
Michigan/Jamal has been accepted as our newest Trial Game Maker


Halio will be stepping away from the Staff Team for a while.

LOAs and Low-Activity's

Jack "Wolf" is on LOA
Jackie is on LOA
Sinclair is on Low-Activity
Rocky is on Low-Activity


Pac Scale has been added to the recruit room

Note - Each individual class now abides by these measurements. Failure to abide by these new rules will result in punishment henceforth.
There will be a grace period for people to adjust that ends on 11th Novembeer 2020.
All users in the HaloRP Discord have been notified and have since been given the full weeks notice and will have no excuses.
If you are even unsure if your pac is okay, speak to Kelval, Plague, or any other staff member if the pac rules on the forums or the height chart doesn't help.

Some structures have been slightly modified.
These include the ATC, the bridges between buildings, and some internal structuring.
This is due to a known problem with the forerunner prop pack where they would often no-colide upon map restart.
As such, they were replaced with other props.
Please note these aren't final but a temporary solution.

SBS 5th Aniversary

We've had nearly a full week of minigames and competitions going on to celebrate StarByStarGaming's 5th Anniversary.
We still have our final one today so if you've yet to win then go and get stuck in and try and win a prize.
We thank everyone who turned up and enjoyed the events and hope that this community continues to grow.

Final Words

Congratulations to Michigan and Ferret on becoming the Trial Game Maker and Moderator!

If you have any suggestions to add to the server, any feedback about changes to the server, or any bug reports dm Kelval on discord or leave them on the forums under Server Suggestions.
Here is a format you may use for this:
Job that the weapon is on (yours only):
Click right here to go to that now!

We are currently accepting staff applications for Moderators and Game Makers. If you are interested make an application on the forums or contact a staff member for more info.
You can also click here to go straight to applications!

We remind you all to enjoy your time and respect one another as we're all here to have fun and role play.
In this ever-changing time, we hope to keep the fun coming.
Take it easy
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Congratulations to you guys :)

Holy fuck is this ever pog af
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