Rainbows 3rd Ban Appeal

I honestly think that you are sorry for what you did (both on the server and on the discord server) and you served 2 months of your ban length.

That for me shows you acknowledgd you did wrong and you also apologised to the community which shows maturity and responsibility. But maybe you should also apologise for the things others say you did on the discord server.

However I am: +1 for reduction 

Good luck with your ban appeal

Look here's the thing rainbow has made a conscious effort since what occurred to explain what happened and to make amends for what he did. He has already reached out and apologized to many of the people involved yet his detractors who turn his ban appeal into a toxic mess won't let that go, some of them outright harassed him while he was apologizing. He wants to come back and have fun after all that is the point of this server before anyone outright dismisses him and listens to the people who hate him (they disliked him before the incident now they are just moral high roading) try actually talking with him. If you do that you can see clearly how he's changed and his desire to come back and just enjoy the server.
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Appeal Denied
Overall the Staff team felt you weren't ready to come back
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Appeal Denied by Eliewa, you may reappeal in a week (11/22/2020).
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