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NOTE: This suggestion is going to be a list that discusses and explains pretty much every idea I ever had for development of the Clone Wars RP Server while I was the Server Manager, and to make the viewing of this post easier, I am instead going to be putting this list below the basic suggestion post questions, each within their own section. If any forum admins would like me to change this in order to fill out the correct "format", I can and will, however as this is a fairly abnormal post, I felt an abnormal format would suit it best. 

(1) Your suggestion: Hm. Not entirely sure how to answer this honestly, as this isn't technically a "suggestion", and more so a list of items I was going to, or at least had planned on adding to/working on for the server while I was the Server Manager, so I'm not really "suggesting" anything from this post to be added, but more so presenting past ideas that could be used to make new ones down the line. 

(2) What made you feel that this change was necessary or would make a great addition: I explained the pros and cons of each idea/concept in the list below, however as to the general need for this post, there really wasn't one. I merely wanted to show people what I had planned for the server, as well as providing ideas for the future development of the server. 

(3) List what you think (if any) could be possible negatives if your suggestion were to be added: Like I said in the last question, each pro and con of each idea/concept was explained within the list below. 

(None of these are in any particular order, but I will make sure it is mentioned when a certain idea was older or newer if needed)

Spoiler: Event Server

Spoiler: Day Map for Coruscant

Spoiler: Battery System for Night Vision and Thermals

Spoiler: AI Artillery

Spoiler: AES Ship Changes and Modifications

Spoiler: So many AES Event ideas. Enough to where I question how much free time I had for this server.

Spoiler: NPC Changes and Modifications

Spoiler: That Navy Rework Everyone Asked Me For

Spoiler: The Progression System

Spoiler: Random Ideas

Well, thank you all for reading through this massive list of ideas, if you did, that I had during my time as Server Manager. I'm not entirely sure why I felt I needed to make this post, but I think I just can't let good ideas go to waste, and since I don't plan on doing any of these myself, I might as well share them. I'll edit this post if I remember anything else, but for now, this is where I'll leave it. If you have any questions about these ideas or are wondering how far along I actually got in making them, let me know in the comments below! Until I come back again for some random reason, have a good day. 

- Corgi
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Thanks for the effort, some good suggestions and things. Pretty sure you did really well in your time.

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