Favorite episode from the Clone Wars?

Since it ended more than 5 months ago, what is your favorite episode from The Clone Wars. Let me start first, favorite is The Wrong Jedi.  All opinions matter!
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I couldn't possibly narrow my favorite down to a single episode (something I cant do for most things when it comes to favorite) but I could give some of my favorite arcs.
  • Umbara Arc, the obvious pick here but it's so good and I don't think anyone denies that 
  • The Kamino ARC
  • Yoda's ARC 
  • Obi Wan Undercover 
  • The Siege of Mandalore

So this completely goes off track of your question but I couldnt just narrow down to one episode let alone one arc lmao.
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I don't know I haven't watched it, I'm still stuck with The Mandalorian! monkaS 

I think it's great tho! (The Mandalorian, I mean)

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If I had to go with just one, I'd say "Clone Cadets" was really good. 

I believe that was Season 3, Episode 1. I think??

But that episode to me was amazing, introducing Domino Squad and their adversity within their training but overcoming it, the fucking legend 99 and even them getting their names was great. The episode has a lot of emotion to it which makes it great.

I mean, this clip can really give an idea of how great it is:

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The Mortis Arc does it for me, such a good set of episodes.
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I can't narrow down to one episode sadly, but the Siege of Mandalore is by far my favorite Arc and the ending episodes (shattered & Victory or death)

Followed by the second battle of geonosis (Landing at point rain, weapons factory, Legacy of terror, and the brain invader episodes)

after that, the battle of Ryloth Arc. 

Those stood out to me the most, it shows what challenges our heroes in the clone wars had to face. 

(Yes I know technically umbara would show more jadda jadda, but I wasn't a big fan of the Umbara Arc so woopdiedoo)
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Star Wars Clone Wars Episode 1 . This series really nailed 2 things:

1) the insane scale of the clone wars
2) the absolute power of a Jedi Master (especially Mace Windu, I mean goddamn that was badass)

Its gotta be the umbara arc.
No debate about it.
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