How To Make All Your Shots With This Simple Trick! (Bow Fix/workaround)

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And with Thanksgiving around the corner, what better way to hunt for turkey than with a bow that actually works!

So it's been long since established that the bow is a bit glitchy on the Pukwudgie... 

In case anyone is unaware, once you let the arrow loose, there's a chance that the bow stops literally in mid air and the Pukwudgie who shoots the arrow being stupefied is the only way to get the arrows out of the air

When this bug starts happening, usually all your arrows you shoot are like this and you usually have to be in melee range to make your hits


If you quickly switch to the Hands swep before you start to load in a new arrow, the arrow you shot always reaches the target, be it a person or an object. 

Hopefully this helps provide some clues on how to get the bow into a more functional state, especially for newer players who won't see this post! 

The bow is an awesome weapon that sadly sees less action than it deserves due to the mid-air arrow freeze glitch

Meanwhile- while we wait for a fix- there's at least a workaround! Just swap to hands after you let loose an arrow! 

I recommend using the previous weapon used hotkey bound to Q after each shot.

Happy Hunting!

Spoiler: How your target will look if you use this trick
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